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InTempo Service Solution

Manage Your Maintenance Efforts and Prioritize the Most Important Repairs

Move reserved and high-demand machines to the front of the service line, ensuring that your equipment is ready to go when it matters the most.

Keep your mechanics focused on the service orders that make the greatest impact on your business. Automatically prioritize work – whether it's preventive maintenance, mandatory inspections, or damage repairs – for machines that have upcoming reservations. From there, use custom rules and usage data to prioritize your remaining work orders.

Use Service Solution To:

Prioritize Service Orders Based on Availability

If you need a certain percent of each inventory type ready to rent at any given time, Service Solution automatically detects when your available inventory drops below that number. Assign a mechanic to the work order and get started right away.

Prioritize Service Orders Based on Demand

If a machine doesn’t have an upcoming reservation and you’re meeting your availability targets, Service Solution can predict future demand based on past utilization rates. Strategically work from “Most Likely to be Rented” to “Least Likely to be Rented”.

Re-Prioritize Service Orders On the Go

If a customer makes a last-minute reservation or if a mechanic calls out sick, re-arrange or re-assign service orders with a few simple clicks. Unexpected changes don’t have to interrupt operations.

InTempo Software Service Solution Work OrdersService Solution for Service Managers: Track Estimates, Attendance, and Work Hours

Service managers can view open jobs and time estimates; manage their technicians’ priorities; create new work orders; and track current projects – all in one place. Streamlined dashboards make it easy to focus on what matters most – even as priorities change. The drag-and-drop interface makes it quick and easy to manage tasks.



InTempo Software for Service ManagersService Solution for Service Technicians: Update Work Orders and Parts Requests 

Technicians can update parts requests, check off steps, and add notes to service orders with a few simple clicks (or, if their hands are full, using convenient speech-to-text). They can update their progress without having to log in to a workstation; everything is available in an easy-to-use app. Personalized task lists make sure each mechanic knows exactly what to work on at any given time.



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A feature of Enterprise that saves time is being able to audit email from the system; to email out invoices to customers and to other locations, the statements. It’s a lot easier than having to print and scan.

Jenifer Meadows, Executive Administrator , National Tank and Equipment

"We've found that it's really quick and easy...that's why we're so happy with it. Especially with being able to take care of customers quickly...that's our main ingredient- it keeps things flowing."

Luke Graham, Vice President, AA Rental Center

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