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Accounting & Finance

Easy-to-Use Rental Accounting Software

Manage your back-office financials, from Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable to your General Ledger. Two convenient options let you choose the right fit for your rental business; InTempo Enterprise gives you a full-featured accounting system as part of an all-in-one rental ERP, while InTempo Core integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks. 

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Integrated Accounts Payable (Enterprise)

Track and pay supplier invoices in the easy-to-use InTempo Enterprise accounting platform. Manage your chart of accounts; configure approval processes; enter, edit, and post supplier invoices and match them to purchase orders; print checks and disburse cash (including one-time vendor payments and partial payments); manage warranty credits; and reconcile your transactions.

Integrated Accounts Receivable (Enterprise)

Create and send customer invoices with cycle billing and demand billing. Post customer payments (including partial payments and lockbox payments); manage cash receipts. Process credit applications, approvals, and holds; apply late charges; process credit and debit card payments (including cards on file); and manage your collections process, all on the InTempo Enterprise accounting system.

Integrated General Ledger (Enterprise)

Manage all of your accounts and transactions in InTempo Enterprise. Calculate amortization; adjust sales tax amounts; generate trial balances; choose from various deprecation methods for serialized and non-serialized assets; create G/L transactions and upload entries in bulk to save even more time.

Manage A/P, A/R, and G/L in QuickBooks (Core)

Make the most of QuickBooks' accounting tools for small businesses, while using InTempo Core to manage your rental operations.

Get a Full Picture of Your Rental Business

Make timely decisions with a powerful reporting suite that covers every aspect of your rental business. Choose from standard reports that feature a range of daily and monthly views, or create custom reports for any KPI.

Give Customers Several Convenient Payment Options

Offer customers the convenience of paying with a credit card, cash, check or charge account. In InTempo Enterprise, keep cards on file for recurring rentals without having to store credit card numbers for future use.

Rental & Sales

Speed Up Contracts, Quotes, and Reservations

Complete your most important rental, sale, and service tasks faster than ever. Create quotes, reservations, and contracts for new or existing customers; clone existing contracts where you can to save time. Manage book rates and discounts, configure add-on items, and streamline inspections when you return assets to your rental inventory.

Manage All Your Assets Across Multiple Locations

Track your rental inventory, transfer equipment, and manage returns across multiple locations. Manage sub-rentals any time your company-wide inventory doesn't match up with demand. Get a complete view of multi-location operations and seasonal/location-based trends with detailed reporting.

Choose from a Variety of Billing Options

Manage your cash flow any way that suits your business. Send invoices on any rental cycle - be it daily, weekly, monthly, or anything else. Keep cards on file for recurring customers and easily manage cash transactions.

Get Unmatched Visibility Into Your Rental Inventory

Manage your entire fleet in real time. Run physical inventories without having to shut down your business through cycle counts; set hi-low parameters to let you know when it's time to re-order parts.

Connect Your Rental Software to Other Essential Applications

InTempo helps you manage every aspect of your contracts, reservations, and inventory, but gain even more functionality by integrating with other applications, such as dealership software and customer relationship management solutions.

Help Your Staff Work More Efficiently

Remove common roadblocks from your day-to-day operations. Let staff manage contracts, quotes, reservations, and inventory wherever they are - from the counter to the yard - with out mobile app.


Keep Equipment Running Optimally

Create work orders for repairs or preventive maintenance. View reports to see if equipment is overdue for service based on calendar days, rental days, number of rentals, or meter units. Track work order tickets and assign specific tasks to specific mechanics.

Generate Work Orders

Easily create work orders. Capture and report on what service was performed and when, as well as the cost of labor and parts.

Measure ROI of Equipment

Record maintenance history, including preventative maintenance, labor time and parts used by mechanics. Review maintenance history to monitor the cost of ownership and track warranty claims.

Equipment Lifecycle

Decide When It's Time to Sell Off Rental Assets

When you're no longer generating a return on certain assets, it may be time to remove them from your rental fleet. Track the ROI on every piece of equipment with robust reporting capabilities, then determine when it's time to sell or dispose of specific items.

Extend the Life of Your Equipment

Get the most out of your rental inventory by staying on top of preventive maintenance schedules. Monitor every asset and report on items that are due for upcoming service.

Generate Purchase Orders for New Rental Assets

Easily create and manage purchase orders, then set up items in your active rental inventory once the PO is closed. Search for previous purchase orders and invoices to manage your vendor relationships - whether for your rental fleet or your dealership assets.


Connect Your Drivers, Operations, and Customers

Easily optimize routes to reduce miles, trucks, and cost. Adhere to time window restrictions and equipment restrictions. Track vehicles in real-time and provide turn-by-turn directions to drivers.

Get Insights Into Fleet Operations

Perform extensive financial analyses. View planned v. actual delivery times, account history, driver performance, and more.

Provide a 21st Century Customer Experience

Give customers 24/7 access to the current status of their delivery via a link to customer portal. Send delivery updates to customers via email or text message.

Business Intelligence

Uncover Insights

Track KPIs across all areas of your rental business. Find ways to continually improve machine utilization, maintenance costs, capital deployment, and more. You set your goals; InTempo will help you reach them.

Your Data, Your Way

Get insights any way you need them. Schedule reports to run automatically, then deliver them straight to decision-makers' inboxes. Export reports in a variety of formats for easier analysis.

Create Custom Reports

Create your own reports without complicated coding. InTempo's easy-to-use drag-and-drop business intelligence tool helps you track the metrics that matter the most to your business.

Go Mobile

Get business intelligence on the go with our mobile app, perfect for owners and managers. See time and dollar utilization by cat class, view A/R aging overall and by customer, pull up customer contact information, and much more.

Accommodate Your Rental Company's Unique Accounting Processes

Rental companies have unique accounting processes, such as cycle billing, re-rentals, and rental revenue accruals, that can be difficult to complete in "industry-agnostic" ERP software. Built by rental professionals, for rental professionals, InTempo can accommodate the unique financial needs of your organization. 

From keeping your customers' cards on file to streamline recurring rentals to accommodating inter-company invoice transfers, InTempo works the way you need it to. Our software can handle all your unique workflows, without time-consuming workarounds. Check out all the ways InTempo can help you streamline accounting for your equipment rental business.

Not sure which system makes the most sense for your organization? Check out both of our rental software solutions and their corresponding accounting options.

InTempo Core

InTempo Core

Versatile, user-friendly point of rental/sale software designed for rental businesses of all industries.

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InTempo Enterprise

InTempo Enterprise

InTempo Enterprise is an all-in-one ERP solution for your rental business. With a fully integrated accounting system, Enterprise lets you look at your business from every angle.

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Robust Financial Reporting

InTempo is more than just day-to-day rental accounting software. It gives you all the financial reporting tools you need to make smarter purchasing decisions, more accurately forecast revenue and profits, and improve your bottom line. Choose from standard reports that feature a range of daily and monthly views or create custom reports for any KPI.

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The integration of all the different menu items all the way to accounting allows you to run your company on this one package. It allows your payables and receivables people, accounting manager, service and rental people to be working in the system at the same time, with much faster results.

Scott Hatcher, President, Equipment Finders

"We've found that it's really quick and easy...that's why we're so happy with it. Especially with being able to take care of customers quickly...that's our main ingredient- it keeps things flowing."

Luke Graham, Vice President, AA Rental Center

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