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Why Cards on File are a Must for Faster Rental Operations

Faith Kubicki Faith Kubicki

How many transactions do your sales reps and rental coordinators process in a typical day?

How many of those are new rentals for existing customers?

If you’re manually entering these customers’ card numbers, expiration dates, and security codes every time they rent a new asset, you’re spending hours each week on redundant, unnecessary work.

Cards on file let you charge a previously used method of payment with a single click. You can store one card or several on any account, giving customers the option as to which one they’d like to use.

When customers call in, all your team has to do is confirm which card the customer wants to charge (e.g., the Visa ending in 6403 or the MasterCard ending in 2101). They select the stored card within the existing reservation screen, confirm the transaction amount, and move on with the rest of the transaction.

This means:

Card on File Payments for Equipment Rentals

Adding a new card is easy; enter the data once and add it to the customer’s digital wallet. Next time you create a contract or reservation for that account, it’ll show up as a stored payment option.

Learn More About Card on File Payments in InTempo

InTempo’s Integrated Payments module makes cards on file simple – and secure. You get everything you need to streamline recurring transactions for repeat customers, without having to store the sensitive card data on your system. (That means better security and fewer compliance efforts for your IT team.)

Want to see it in action? Request a demo or contact us to learn more about faster, easier rental payment processing.

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