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How to Make Rental Payment Processing More Secure (And Why You Should Care)

Faith Kubicki Faith Kubicki

You’re rental experts – not cybersecurity experts. You shouldn’t have to worry about encryption, network configurations, or firewall settings … but if you accept credit card payments from your customers, you’ve got to find a way to meet your PCI compliance requirements.

Of course, it’s not just a matter of “checking a box” to meet your obligations as a merchant. Credit card data breaches are a very real threat – even for rental businesses. There’s the obvious financial cost, as well as reputational damage. With as many as 60 percent of small businesses who experience a data breach going out of business within six months of the attack, it’s crucial to take appropriate steps to protect your customers’ payment data.

So: what can you as a rental business do to keep your customers’ data safe, protect your business, and meet your compliance requirements?

Our rental software lets you process credit and debit card payments without storing or transmitting the card data on your system.

Rental Payment Processing

When it comes to your security efforts, that means:

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