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Our Story

Matt Hopp

"If you run a local or regional independent rental operation, we started InTempo specifically to serve you. With our unique mix of best-in-class rental software, expert customer care, and user community, we can help you get your business where you want it to be."  -Matt Hopp, General Manager 


About You & Us

Rental. We know how busy it can be, day in and day out: taking care of customers, maintaining equipment, managing inventory, keeping the books. And that's just the beginning. Imagine if your software could help you keep up, or better yet, get ahead? What if it could help you uncover new areas of profitability? Learn more about your customers? Help you make data-driven purchasing decisions?

These aren’t just daydreams. It’s what we passionately build at InTempo everyday for rental businesses across all industries. But it doesn’t end at software. As an InTempo customer, a support team is dedicated to your success at every turn in the road. They can act as your IT team if don’t have one, and help you follow best practices. Together our customer care team has many decades of rental experience. We think they’re pros, but you don’t need to take our word for it: our customers report a 97% satisfaction score with the support they receive. And beyond the walls of our office, we work to build a thriving customer community through both virtual resources and live events.

Our History

With our mix of technology, support, and community, we’re different from other rental software providers. In fact, we pride ourselves on it. InTempo Software is new in name only. Although we were founded in 2015, our software has powered rental businesses across the world for decades. InTempo combines the wealth of knowledge and resources behind sister companies Solutions By Computer and Wynne Systems (RentalMan) to bring you a whole new experience designed specifically for local and regional rental businesses. Our team members, many of whom came from the rental industry, have vast experience working with businesses of all sizes and sectors. Whether you have a single location and rent tools to homeowners or a fifteen-store regional business renting heavy equipment to government agencies, we’re here to serve you.