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InTempo MX

Know the Status of Every Machine – At Every Time

Track your entire fleet in real time. InTempo MX provides detailed telematics data so you can more efficiently manage your equipment, diagnose problems, and reduce unplanned downtime.

Full-Scale Telematics Solutions for Your Rental Business


Location Data

From the yard to the jobsite, know where all your assets are. Set up alerts when machines leave their designated location.

Usage Data

Track engine hours and idle hours to better understand when you’re reaching preventive maintenance milestones.

External Data

Mixed fleet? Pull telematics data from third-party hardware systems to create a single system of record.

Get the full picture – without having to go from system to system.

With a two-way data flow, you don’t have to re-enter information or wait for your systems to sync. Instantly:



                                                   Everything you need is right at your fingertips.


A unique key for each asset automates the creation of your data. No double entry is required. Meanwhile, you decide what you want to see - whether that's location, rental status, machine status, site name, geofences, or maintenance status. We'll configure InTempo MX to put your most important information front and center.


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The Data You Need - How You Need It

When a one-size-fits-all solution won’t do the job, InTempo MX lets you tailor your telematics system to the needs of your rental business. Create custom dashboards that deliver the information you need – from current machine locations to a list of assets that are on- and off-rent. Set up your portal any way you like, putting your most important data front and center. With enhanced visualization tools, you don’t get complicated telematics reports. You get easy-to-understand insights.

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