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Reducing the Cost of Equipment Telematics with a “Start When You Start” Subscription Model

Tony Tye Tony Tye

Most equipment telematics solutions follow a standard pricing model. You pay two separate costs:

The clock on that subscription, however, typically starts when the service provider ships out your hardware.

Here’s the problem with that approach:

You pay for the time that the device is in transit.

A week or so may not feel like that big of a deal. However, when you’re purchasing hundreds of self-installed tracking devices, the unnecessary expense can quickly add up. A single delay from the shipping carrier means even more wasted money.

From there, your service team may need some time to get the devices installed.

Once your telematics units arrive, your team may need to finish high-priority maintenance or repair projects before they have the time to install new devices on your equipment. Even when installation and activation take a few minutes per machine, finding the time to set up a fleet of several hundred rental assets can be easier said than done.

Reducing the Cost of Equipment Telematics

Your Fleet Manager or Service Manager may even ask to keep a few spare units on the shelf, “just in case”.

Even for hardware with a multi-year warranty, you may still want to plan ahead for the occasional replacement. However, paying a fee for an active subscription on a device that isn’t actively tracking an asset is throwing money away. This can discourage you from having a few extra devices on hand … which is an otherwise solid strategy.

InTempo MX offers a more cost-effective telematics pricing model.

InTempo MX helps you reduce the cost of your telematics subscription.

Our subscriptions start when you start. You pay for your device - and your first year's subscription - up front, but that subscription doesn't start until you activate the unit on a machine. Not a moment before. Purchase in January, activate in June? Your subscription starts in June and you won't have to pay for your renewal for a full 12 months.

This gives you the breathing room to install devices at your own pace – even stocking a few extras in your shop for quick replacements. It’s a much more flexible pricing model that can make your telematics program more affordable.

Interested in learning more? Download the InTempo MX product sheet or request a demo from our team.

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