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Keeping Connected Assets Connected: Reducing Lost and Broken Telematics Data Feeds

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Connected assets occasionally become disconnected due to the harsh conditions they operate in. It’s an unfortunate reality. Sometimes it’s the result of physical damage to the hardware; other times, a subscription expires without anybody knowing.

Whatever the issue, managing your fleet’s connected status is an important part of any telematics program. If your dispatcher can’t see an asset or a jobsite, they can’t make informed operational decisions – which means your telematics program isn’t making the maximum impact on your business.

Of course, what busy rental business has time to manually monitor every single connected asset to make sure its data feed is up to date? Tracking separate feeds across separate platforms is a counterproductive waste of time. The productivity improvements you may have made are lost to the excess administrative time.

A More Reliable Way to Monitor Your Telematics Fleet Health

Consider your telematics fleet health the percentage of active subscriptions that are reporting properly. While this metric may vary from day to day or week to week, a good target is 96 percent. This indicates that most of your devices are reporting correctly and visible to your system administrator.

A consolidated dashboard that lets you monitor your fleet health metrics (and spot assets in need to attention) is invaluable to your system administrator. It not only instills greater confidence in the data your staff uses to make operational decisions, but it also helps you immediately spot exceptions such as non-reporting assets.

InTempo MX brings you a single database that includes all your telematics feeds and the subscription dates for each device. This makes it simple to measure and manage your telematics fleet health.

Creating such a dashboard requires discipline when onboarding new equipment to your rental fleet, but the benefits far exceed the time required to set up the feeds correctly. When setting up your dashboard with the latest ISO / AEMP format, you can collect date and time stamps that let you calculate the last time your equipment was reporting properly. If that time exceeds your desired threshold – be it hours or days – you can immediately take action on the corresponding devices. You can spot subscriptions that are about to expire and plan for a timely renewal.

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Learn More About Connected Asset Management

InTempo MX makes device health monitoring and subscription management simple. A single dashboard offers a streamlined solution for fleet owners who don’t currently track the health of their telematics program, or who rely on spreadsheets and manual efforts. It’s the easiest (and most effective!) way to manage connected assets.

Ready to start making smarter, more data-driven decisions? Contact us today to learn more about InTempo MX, our connected assets platform.

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