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How Black Diamond Equipment Rental is Using InTempo MX to Find – And Fix – Non-Reporting Telematics Devices

Faith Kubicki Faith Kubicki

One major challenge when it comes to telematics?

Finding units that have stopped reporting.

These units aren’t passing data back to your team – which means you’re getting no return out of your investment.

One way to identify non-reporting units, without having to check each one manually? Using InTempo MX to keep an eye on all your devices.

Here’s how Black Diamond Equipment Rental is doing just that, according to their Corporate Service Manager.

InTempo MX was used to find and update the non-reporting units list of [our third-party devices], which are labeled in the equipment master file with an ‘08’ if not reporting or ‘05’ if on an old hardware unit that still needs to be upgraded.

Here is what I found:

While the overwhelming majority were in the field, I did find a few available in both of our rental yards and notified the respective service and branch managers.

This is a distinct advantage of using a Connected Assets platform over a traditional telematics platform.

Fix Non-Reporting Telematics Devices InTempo MX for Connected Assets

It’s simply more accurate, faster, and easier to get things done. Speed is paramount, because I’m looking at 1200 units. InTempo MX labels non-reporting units with a hazard triangle, which lets me quickly identify them.

I can filter by rental status, which is not possible with our previous telematics system.

When I pull up the machine card in InTempo MX, I know that the unit is on rent and to whom (customer and job location from the open contract.) Again, this isn’t possible in our old platform, where I can only see the last known location.

You simply cannot beat that performance.”

Audit Your Own Telematics Performance with InTempo MX

We get it: you don’t have time to waste chasing down lost and broken data feeds. We’re here to make complete connectivity simple.

Interested in seeing how Connected Assets can help you take your telematics program to the next level? Contact us today to request a free demo of InTempo MX.

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