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Seamless, Real-Time Rental Inventory Software for Your Parts, Merchandise, and Equipment

Inventory management is a constant challenge for growing rental companies. Preparation, setup, physical inventory and cycle counts, reporting, reconciliation, and variance adjustments are time-consuming and require considerable attention to detail. Plus, the larger your fleet – and the more locations you manage – the harder it is to track all your assets.

InTempo’s rental inventory management system makes it easy to see statuses and stock levels for serialized equipment, bulk items, sales items, and parts. Manage categories and classes, item numbers, stock statuses, and more – all from one convenient platform. See available assets, even when you’re away from the counter. No more overbooking equipment; no more running out of stock; no more wasting money on inventory that just sits on the shelf; just faster, easier inventory management.

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Rental Inventory Software InTempo Enterprise

Discover InTempo's All-in-One Rental Inventory Software

One Platform Lets You:

View the Current Status of Every Rental Asset

Available; on rent; under maintenance; InTempo lets you easily track the status of every rental asset. Whether you rent heavy construction equipment, party products, or anything in between, InTempo can accommodate all the items in your inventory.

Add and Remove Products from Your Inventory

Receive inventory from your suppliers; set up the purchase price, quantity, SKU, location, and other essential details. Discontinue less popular items and remove the unused unit numbers from your offering.

Take Full Inventory Counts or Cycle Counts

Take a full physical inventory or break the process down into more manageable pieces with cycle counts. Establish your schedule by PME (parts, merchandise, equipment) code and configure any time frame; skip days as desired.

Manually Adjust Variances for More Accurate Records

If your counts don’t match the quantities in your system, make the necessary adjustments to keep your records up to date.

Transfer Inventory from Branch to Branch

Get the right items to the right place at the right time. Temporarily or permanently send equipment, sales items, replacement parts, or truck stock from one branch to another.

Re-Order Inventory Before You Run Out of Stock

Set minimum and maximum stock levels for each item in your inventory; automatically alert your team when you drop below these numbers and need to re-order.

Faster Inventory Reporting; More Accurate Forecasting

Don’t just guess what your customers want; track real-time patterns to more accurately forecast demand.

Create a custom inventory dashboard that drills down into any metric: inventory aging, total value, annual product cost, or any other KPI. With better insights into your inventory levels, stock movement, and usage patterns, you can make more informed forecasting decisions and identify cost-saving opportunities. Find out what assets are quick movers; which have the highest profits; and which could be discontinued to improve your bottom line.

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