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Stock Count Software

Accurately Track Your Stock Levels for Parts, Merchandise, and Equipment

In the rental industry, keeping track of your constantly moving inventory can be easier said than done. InTempo’s rental inventory management system lets you precisely track your parts, merchandise, and equipment – even across multiple locations.

With InTempo’s rental inventory tracking software, you can keep a close eye on quantities and locations, including bin items, warehouse items, showroom items, and truck stock. Bulk equipment, serialized equipment, ancillary sales items…all of it stays organized on one easy-to-use platform. Whether you’re managing hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of assets, reduce stock-outs, overstocks, and missed rentals with simple, standardized stock count procedures.

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Stock Counts for Rental Equipment

Easily manage every asset in your fleet. Run point-in-time stock counts for bulk equipment and serialized equipment. Account for machines that are out on rent or in transit to another branch; count the equipment in your yard and make sure it matches your existing inventory levels.

Stock Counts for Rental Equipment
Stock Counts for Parts and Merchandise

Stock Counts for Parts and Merchandise

Manage more than just rental equipment; track your parts and merchandise on the same inventory tracking system. Generate and print count sheets for sales items, including or excluding specific items as desired. Give your team specific details on where to find each item to reduce wasted time. Reference the numbers from your previous stock count or clear the records and start with a clean slate. Lock your quantities while you complete your count, then update your records to keep everything up-to-date.

Post Adjustments to Your Inventory

If your stock counts match up with your inventory records, you’re good to go. If your comparison reports show a difference between the quantities on hand and the quantities you counted, make the necessary updates and adjust the entries in your general ledger. InTempo helps you simplify your rental equipment inventory and reconciliation process.

Use Your Stock Count Reports to More Accurately Forecast Your Inventory Needs

Once you’ve finished your stock count, review the data to make sure you’ve got the right products at the right place at the right time. Make sure your rental equipment is at the right location to meet customer demand, and more effectively plan for re-ordering parts and merchandise. InTempo isn’t just a tool for running your rental business today; it’s a way to strategically grow it for tomorrow.