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InTempo Transportation Management Software

An Easier Way to Schedule Deliveries, Dispatch Drivers, and Manage Your Rental Fleet

InTempo’s transportation management software provides a central operations hub for your dispatch and delivery team. Track all your inbound and outbound trips in one place. Real-time visibility shows you all of your deliveries – and all of your drivers – at all times.

InTempo Transportation Management Software

Simple Scheduling

Assign deliveries to drivers and outside haulers with a few clicks. See who is available for upcoming trips, then plan your routes to reduce unnecessary driving and overtime hours. And, go beyond basic pick-ups and drop-offs with exchanges and transfers.

Turn-By-Turn Directions

Make sure your drivers know exactly where they’re going. Drop pins using Google Maps to update your planned pick-up and delivery locations, then provide turn-by-turn directions for each route.

Compliance Tracking

Streamline FMCSA compliance with certified e-logs. View each driver’s current hours of service; schedule trips around mandatory maximums and breaks.

GPS Integrations

Integrate with TrackUnit for real-time insights into your equipment’s GPS location. Set up automatic notifications when a machine leaves its jobsite.

Comprehensive Analytics

View upcoming deliveries by customer, truck number, equipment number, or jobsite. Sort by status, type, or priority to determine which trips require immediate attention. After the delivery, compare actual transit times to scheduled estimates.

Seamless Integration with InTempo Enterprise

The best part about InTempo’s transportation management system? It’s seamlessly integrated with our Enterprise rental software. When your sales reps create a contract, reservation, or pick-up order in your Enterprise ERP, your dispatchers will immediately see the details. When a driver updates a job from “out for delivery” to “at delivery” or from “at delivery” to “delivery completed”, the information is instantly visible back in your main office. Transactions update in real time, without the need to constantly refresh the screen. Your entire approach to transportation management becomes faster and more efficient.

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Turn Data Into Action

Dispatch & Scheduling

Dispatch & Scheduling

Routing Made Easy

Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Provide a Modern Customer Experience

We use Enterprise to give the best customer support that we can give to our clients. We can do it because Enterprise is a very easy software to use for our people, and it also has the very powerful reporting tools that give us the information we need, to make decisions to get our customers up.

Matthew Gautier, Director of Resources, Bottom Line Equipment

To us, a fully integrated system means that it’s kind of like a power-horse. We can handle financial aspects of the company, as well as counter side of the company, and bring them both together.

Courtney Yao, Accountant, Ontario Rental and Supply

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