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How to Streamline Rental Operations with ERP Software

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Operations are the heart of your rental business. Creating reservations; converting quotes to contracts; scheduling equipment for delivery and pickup; taking and tracking inventory; scheduling transfers - these are the tasks that you have to complete over and over again, as efficiently as possible, to keep your business moving forward. 

Of course, you can manage all of these tasks manually. (You may have even done that for the first few months or years of your company's existence.) But, as you look to rent more equipment to more customers - maybe even across more locations - it's important to streamline and standardize all the aspects of rental operations.

That's where ERP software can help. You set up your most important business processes, and the software helps you manage all of them in one place. You're able to make sure that every employee follows your established workflows for every piece of equipment (and every customer!), ensuring compliance and setting a foundation for scalable growth. 

Rental Operations Software

Using ERP Software for Rental Operations

A robust ERP system lets you carry out all of your day-to-day tasks, including:

Rentals and Sales Processes

Streamline your rental and sales operations by:

Here's what Hernan del Aguila, Owner of Partner Rentals, has to say about using his InTempo ERP for rental operations:

From a purchasing and inventory control perspective, an ERP allows you to manage the PO process. Management can specify who is allowed to make purchases and for how much. The purchasing process brings items — parts, merchandise, and equipment — into your system so that from an accounting standpoint, you can properly account for them, and from the inventory side, you can expense them when you use them. A company that isn’t using an ERP — that doesn’t have a purchasing system and inventory control — generally has to expense parts at the time they buy them, they’re in use or sitting on the shelf. 

And here's a helpful article with real-world tips for solving common inventory challenges as your business grows. 

Maintenance Processes

The smoothest operational processes won't help if your equipment isn't consistently ready to rent. ERP software helps you keep your inventory running at peak performance, with less downtime that could cut into your profits. Plus, you get a detailed paper trail every single time an asset has been serviced. 

With ERP software, you can streamline shop operations by: 

As far as maintenance operations, here's what Hernan del Aguila had to say: 

A rental ERP system should have a work order or service module were you can record anything you do to your asset, be it add value to it, fix it, or do preventative maintenance. This is important not only because you want to track everything you’re doing as you’re doing it, but because you want to be able to create a historic overview of what you’ve done to the equipment. That way when it comes to selling it or purchasing new equipment, and you need to analyze whether a piece of equipment has made you money or not, you can look at the maintenance history and it will help paint a clear picture.

Dispatch Operations

Few operational tasks require more precise logistics than dispatching your trucks for deliveries and pickups. A rental ERP can help you connect your drivers, dispatchers, and customers in real time.

Dispatch software, be it native to your ERP or integrated with a third-party software solution, can deliver many benefits. It can save your dispatchers time and headaches by making routing and scheduling easy; it can reduce fuel costs; and it can give your customers a better experience since they can track their own expected deliveries.

Streamline your rental dispatch operations by:

Equipment Lifecycle Operations

If your operations team is also responsible for overseeing the relocation, repair, and disposal of your rental assets, an ERP system can help here as well.  You'll be able to better understand how much each piece of equipment costs you to add to your fleet and to maintain and how much you can sell it for when you're no longer renting it at a consistent profit. Of course, you can also use real-time equipment analytics to determine when an asset may be reaching the end of its lifecycle.

For these efforts, you can use your rental operations software to:

Check out everything you can do in the InTempo Enterprise rental ERP.

Oversee Operations Across Multiple Locations

Operations are hard enough when you've only got one location to manage. As you continue to grow - both in terms of fleet size and branches - it becomes even harder to keep everyone on the same page. But, it also becomes more important.

InTempo's ERP is designed for as many locations - and as many divisions - as you need. We've helped customers support rental operations on one side of their business and sales operations for their dealership division; we've also helped large companies manage multiple sub-brands on one platform. 

Manage Rental Operations Anywhere

Your business doesn't stop when you're away from the rental counter. You need a way to manage operations anywhere - from the yard to the customer's jobsite. InTempo's Mobile App puts key functionality at your fingertips so you can keep your business moving forward, wherever you are.

Discover a Better Approach to Rental Operations

Ready to see all the ways an ERP system can help you improve your day-to-day processes? Contact InTempo for more information or request a demo here.

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