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The Real-World Advantages of Integrated Telematics

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Telematics is no longer just a “dot on a map”. As rental stores have started adopting more advanced tracking technologies, the impact has become larger – with incremental benefits that add up to big results. The impact is especially important for local and regional rental companies as they look to compete with national chains and their advanced, custom-built telematics solutions.

That’s where integrated telematics helps level the playing field.

Where stand-alone telematics applications only display location and machine health information, integrated solutions pair this data with other mission-critical business information. Your company can connect equipment coordinates, usage data, error codes, and jobsite information with customer data, contract details, and jobsite information, gaining a consolidated view into their connected assets. Instead of tracking down data across disparate systems – be that a rental ERP, an OEM telematics application, or third-party aftermarket technologies – users get their most important details in one place.


Here a few examples of the impact an integrated telematics platform can make on your rental business:

Integrated telematics helps you deliver better customer service

Your counter teams and sales reps are answering questions all day, every day. Sometimes those questions are coming from anxious customers; other times, they’re coming from co-workers or management. When your reps are only working with a partial view of your fleet, clear answers are hard to come by – or they take forever to provide.

Integrated telematics solutions make it much easier (and faster) to answer questions about usage, availability, and logistics. You merge customer, contract, and telematics information in single view, with the most important details front and center. Customer-facing employees can use their consolidated dashboard to resolve most inquiries in minutes, without having to place the customer on hold or give them a call back. (That’s an easy way to differentiate your company from the large national chains.) Meanwhile, you get faster answers to internal inquiries as well, removing roadblocks that otherwise slow down your business.

Integrated telematics helps you streamline pickups, deliveries, and service appointments

Data-enhanced maps help your employees visualize each job site with all the corresponding contracts and equipment.

Precise geographic coordinates helps drivers pinpoint machines at busy jobsites when customers can’t locate them. They don’t have to call in looking for pickup locations, reducing wasted time on routes and getting them back on the road more quickly.

Field service technicians can quickly find and service assets at large jobsites.

If a machine “mysteriously” makes it back to the yard in need of an inspection, it doesn’t go overlooked.

Integrated telematics helps you ensure compliance

When customers are operating specialty equipment 24/7, putting compliance in question, your team knows – and can intervene – right away.

Integrated telematics helps you speed up turnover for your rental fleet

To-the-minute utilization data gives your company better insights into what types of service you’ll need to complete before you can turn your machine for the next customer. More efficient scheduling and work order management reduces unplanned downtime and helps increase your rental velocity.

All together now: integrated telematics helps you build a better rental business

A fully integrated telematics platform brings together all these benefits for a more efficient rental business.

Smoother pickups lead to faster routes and fewer driver overtime hours.

More empowered counter employees reduce call backs and get more proactive coaching customers with machine utilization – bringing you a step closer to achieving the service promises made when you landed those accounts.

More prepared service teams – and more consistent maintenance – keep your assets in optimal condition, ready to continue bringing in a steady stream of rental revenue.

Discover InTempo MX: Integrated Telematics Technology for Use with Any Rental Software

InTempo MX is here to help you work smarter. Our integrated telematics platform pairs equipment coordinates, usage data, error codes, and jobsite information with operational data from any rental software – be it InTempo Enterprise or any other ERP.

Your rental management system continues to be the database of record for all your information. The InTempo MX telematics solution complements it with a graphical user interface to visualize your data for improved decision support.

Ready to see how our integrated telematics platform can help you make your rental business more efficient? Request a demo and we'll help you get started with your connected assets strategy.

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