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InTempo Software and LHP Announce Partnership to Deliver Best in Class Telematics

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InTempo Software is pleased to announce their newest partnership with LHP Telematics, one of the industry’s leading providers of location, status, and usage data for rental equipment.

Together, the companies have developed InTempo MX – a turn-key solution that merges telematics and rental management information, from GPS locations and machine utilization data to dispatch information and preventive maintenance schedules.  This makes it easier than ever to increase available rental days and reduce unscheduled maintenance events.

“Real-time telematics data has become more critical than ever,” explained Matt Hopp, General Manager of InTempo. “Fleet managers need to be able to identify problems before breakdowns occur; remote usage and performance monitoring makes this possible.”

“As we developed this solution, we knew we wanted a tight integration with the InTempo Enterprise rental system,” Hopp continued. “When business owners have to manage telematics data in one system and rental data in another, it isn’t just time-consuming; it doesn’t always fully connect the dots. With InTempo MX, users can turn to one platform to get their data, analyze it, and create a plan to make their business more efficient. They now have a streamlined way to find out where they’re missing their metrics, where waste is occurring, and how they can improve.”

“When we made the decision to expand our telematics offering, LHP was a natural choice,” said Scott Alexander, Chief Operating Officer at InTempo. “Their ability to push data in multiple directions – both to and from our rental software – makes a huge difference for users. They don’t have to manage data in two different systems or wait for it to sync; everything they need is available in their core software in real time.”

“LHP’s Visualization Layer was another major advantage," Alexander added. “Data doesn’t benefit anyone unless you can understand and act on it. We didn’t want to just throw information at our customers; we wanted it to be clear, concise, and usable. LHP does a phenomenal job of turning numbers into custom reports that actually make a difference for your business. Everything can be configured to the user’s needs – whether that’s customizing reports based on location and fleet size or scheduling reports to be delivered to certain people at certain times.”

To learn more about InTempo MX, request a demo here.

About LHP Telematics

LHP recognized in 2006 that to really gain a competitive advantage from machine telematics information, including location and operating status, it required a level of personalization and flexibility that early telematics providers were unable to provide. In 2008 they introduced the Equipment Intelligence platform capable of end-user configuration, and an open approach to selecting the most appropriate telematics hardware device. Today LHP is the technology behind more than 15 OEMs, delivering products to more than 90 countries, and thousands of sub-fleets managed by equipment dealers and rental companies.

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