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InTempo Rental Software: See How Our ERP Stacks Up to the Top 10 Features from the ARA’s 2022 Technology Guide

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The American Rental Association’s Rental Management Magazine recently released their 2022 Technology Resource Guide. Rental organizations were asked to rank 35 different software features as “very important”, “somewhat important”, or “not important”.

Among medium-sized rental companies (those with revenues of $3 million to $30 million), the following features were identified as the most important (based on the number of companies that ranked them as “very important”):

  1. Accounting
  2. Telematics
  3. Credit card processing
  4. Digital signatures
  5. Multi-location support
  6. GPS delivery routing
  7. Inspection management
  8. Rate management
  9. Export to Excel/CSV
  10. Analytics, dashboards, and business metrics

At InTempo, we’re proud to give our customers the tools they need to run – and grow – a successful rental business. We offer robust solutions for all 10 of the top 10 in-demand features; read on to see how our rental software stacks up.

Want to take a deeper dive? See what InTempo has to offer for all 35 of the ARA’s top rental software features. Download the free e-book here.

1. Accounting

InTempo Enterprise offers a fully integrated accounting platform to streamline Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger. Get full visibility into your finances without extra data entry; there’s no need for a third-party application. If your corporate office uses another financial system, you can integrate with InTempo in real time, getting immediate access to the data instead of waiting for it to sync.

For a full breakdown of InTempo’s accounting capabilities, download the full feature guide.

2. Telematics

Pull data from your telematics vendor and pass the information to your ERP. Pull all the information you need to manage your fleet:

Learn more about our telematics integration with Trackunit.

3. Credit Card Processing

Process payments online, over the phone, and at your rental counter, without leaving your rental screens. Our native integration with Curbstone lets you process credit and debit card payments as part of your existing workflows.

Learn more about credit card processing in InTempo.

4. Digital Signatures

Use InTempo e-Sign to capture digital signatures on contracts, delivery records, safety sheets, and other rental documents. Create a link and email it to your customer; it’s that simple.

For electronic signatures on the jobsite, InTempo Mobile Link gives your delivery drivers the same e-sign capabilities on their smartphone or tablet.  

Learn more about digital signatures in InTempo.

5. Multi-Location Support

InTempo supports your growth from single-location to multi-location rental business. Add new locations as you expand or acquire – then streamline operations across all of your branches.

See how Synergy Equipment – a 17-location Bobcat dealer – is using InTempo to support their rapid growth.

6. GPS Delivery Routing

InTempo’s Transportation Management Software lets you provide your delivery drivers with turn-by-turn directions to each customer’s jobsite.

7. Inspection Management

No more easy-to-lose paperwork. Manage your inspections electronically, completing the process on any Internet-enabled smartphone or tablet.

Learn more about inspection management in InTempo.

8. Rate Management

Customize your rate tables based on category/class, location, customer, or other specific factors. Automatically apply discounts for specific jobs, or manually override your rate table.

Easily set and apply:

Prorate rentals if it fits your business model, or use fixed-rate calculations for customers who prefer them.

9. Export to Excel/CSV

Get your data in any format you need. Export as .XLS or .CSV for easy analysis and manipulation.

10. Analytics, Dashboards, and Business Metrics

InTempo Reporter gives you powerful insights into every aspect of your rental business. Track:

Configure your reports to run automatically on a pre-determined schedule, delivering the right information to the right people at the right time. Or, set up exception reporting to only alert you when something is out of the ordinary, reducing the amount of time you have to spend looking through routine data. InTempo’s powerful reporting tool can be tailored to your unique business goals, supporting meaningful improvement across every area of your business.

Want to see InTempo's solutions for the other 25 most-requested software features? Download the full guide here.