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InTempo Software and Trackunit Announce Collaboration

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We’re pleased to share that InTempo and Trackunit are teaming up to bring rental businesses the combined power of rental software and telematics.

A growing number of InTempo customers are taking advantage of Trackunit’s telematics technology to manage their fleets. Key data points, including machine hours and location, are sent from Trackunit to the InTempo Enterprise rental ERP, formerly known as RentalMan. 

InTempo customer Fernando del Aguila of Partner Rentals in Kingston, NY, says:

“This was a big win. There's a ton of benefit that rental companies can get from connecting the dots between their rental system and the machines, including additional revenue for time used and service call reductions."

Trackunit and InTempo Software Collaborate

InTempo and Trackunit will collaborate on the next phase of the integration, including pushing key information to Trackunit’s interface. This will empower InTempo customers to reduce downtime, increase utilization, and provide the best service possible.

Matt Hopp, InTempo’s General Manager, commented, “Anything that cuts down on the time it takes for rental businesses to service their customers is a no-brainer for us. We’re excited to offer our customers simple but powerful new shortcuts to boost operational efficiency and make internal and external communications run smoothly. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with the Trackunit team to build on our existing integrations.”

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