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Introducing the Newest Features for InTempo Enterprise Rental Software (Fall 2023)

Faith Kubicki Faith Kubicki

This October, we’ll be introducing several new features to our rental software. We’re specifically excited to share a number of enhancements for our accounting module, offering more flexibility for your A/P and A/R processes.

Create summary invoices on weekly (7-day) cycles

When combining multiple transactions onto one invoice (summary billing), you can now create your invoices on a weekly (7-day) cycle. Choose any day of the week to have the software automatically generate the invoice.

Bypass buyer authority limits on re-rent purchase orders

When opening, modifying, or closing a re-rent purchase order, you can now allow users to bypass pre-set Purchase Order (PO) buyer authorization limits.

InTempo Enterprise Bypass Approval Limits

More easily manage accounts with past-due invoices

In our latest release, we’ve added a new set of fields to the Accounts Receivable Credit Code table to enforce action on accounts that have past-due invoices. This helps you more consistently maintain your policies for dealing with slow-to-pay or non-paying customers, better protecting your revenue.

Maintain an auditable record of requisition approvals

InTempo will now automatically keep a record of users who approve your purchase order requisitions. This helps you simplify record-keeping and more easily retrieve information in the event of a financial audit.

Require phone numbers and email addresses when adding new vendors

When adding a new vendor, you can require users to add a phone number and email address before saving the record. If you enable this option, users will receive an error code if they attempt to create a new vendor without all of the required information. This helps you create more thorough records up and streamline future inquiries for your accounting team.

Auto-populate email messages when sending attachments

When you send a customer an attachment with an otherwise-blank email, our system will auto-populate a simple message, such as “please see attached.” You can more efficiently deliver contracts, invoices, and other rental documents with straightforward, professional communication.

See the Updates in Action

Current customers can log in to ZenDesk to for the full release notes. If you have any questions about implementing the latest options, please contact customer care.

If you’re not currently using InTempo Enterprise, we’d be happy to show you the latest options in rental software. Contact our sales team for a one-on-one demo.

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