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Rental Equipment Inspection App

Complete Inspections and Capture Condition Photos On Any Mobile Device

Checking equipment in and out just got faster. InTempo's Mobile App gives you everything you need for on-the-go inspections and photos - whether you're processing a machine in your yard or performing a routine field service inspection. Reduce downtime, turn equipment more quickly, comply with regulatory requirements, and address minor issues before they become major problems.

Configurable checklists let you standardize your inspection process for each category/class of equipment in your rental fleet, covering everything from fluid levels and tire tread to brake systems and attachments. Updates are added to the equipment record in real time. And because the InTempo Mobile App is a seamless extension of your core rental software, you don't have to manage a third-party app to find your photos or retrieve your inspection records.

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Mobile Solutions for Rental Equipment Inspections

InTempo's Rental Equipment Inspection App Lets You:

Ensure Consistency for Every Inspection

When you have hundreds of assets in your rental fleet, it can be hard to remember what steps to complete for each inspection. Tell your team what to review (and in what order!) for each piece of equipment. No more missed steps - even for complex machinery.

Eliminate Disputes Over Damaged Equipment

No more time-consuming back-and-forth; get indisputable evidence when you need it the most. Give your team before-and-after documentation that can de-escalate stressful conversations and prevent miscommunication.

Stop Losing Revenue to Preventable Repairs

Parts and labor don't come cheap. When a customer damages your equipment beyond normal wear and tear, make sure you can recover your repair costs without it coming out of your hard-earned revenue.

Do Right by Every Customer

Nothing ruins a relationship faster than blaming a customer for damage they didn't cause. Protect customers from paying for someone else's mistake by accurately identifying the real source of every problem.

Save Time and Improve Productivity

Paper-based inspection forms just don't work in today's fast-paced digital world. Put an end to easy-to-lose, hard-to-track paperwork; keep all your documentation on a seamless electronic record.

Monitor Repair Costs Over the Life of Each Machine

Get an accurate handle on your repair costs for each individual piece of equipment. Find out how much you're spending to keep each asset rent-ready; easily identify equipment that costs more to maintain than it collects in revenue.

Discover the App's Core Features

Time Stamps

Know when each inspection was completed for an indisputable paper trail.

Location Tags

See geolocation data for each photo, removing any remaining doubt.

Electronic Signatures

Capture customer signatures to acknowledge condition at check-in/check-out.

Configurable Prompts

Decide what steps to include on any inspection and what photos to require for any asset.

Email Delivery

Send a copy of any inspection report directly to the customer, your Service Managers, or your back office.

Device Compatability

Use on any internet-enabled smartphone or tablet. Automatically sync information if you have to complete an inspection when your device is offline.

Powerful Equipment Inspection Software for Any Type of Rental Fleet

Get started quickly with standard inspection checklists or create your own custom checklists for specialty equipment. No matter what you rent - from heavy construction machinery to agricultural equipment or anything in between - InTempo's Mobile App gives you powerful tools to manage every asset.

Equipment Inspection App

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