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Why A Rental ERP System May Be Right for You

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Many business owners believe a rental ERP is “out of their league.” Whether a single or multi-location business, they don’t think they need the functionality or the expense of a designated software system. After all - they've been managing just fine with spreadsheets, paperwork, and point solutions so far ... right

Some rental operators also resist change when purchasing rental management software. Changing systems often means changing processes. A prime example of this is back office functionality: if you’ve been managing your invoices with QuickBooks® or other off-the-shelf applications ever since you started your business, you may not want to move to a rental software system that makes you move away from these third-party packages for your financials. But, if you’re looking to advance your business and streamline everything from operations to accounting, there are many benefits to turning to a rental ERP (enterprise resource planning) software system. 

What is a Rental ERP?

An ERP rental system is a suite of integrated applications specifically designed to manage your entire rental business and fully integrate the front and back ends of your operation. It harnesses the seamless flow of data to deliver value in the form of extreme business efficiency.

Ultimately, a rental ERP system can help you streamline your business processes to make your company more efficient. This can deliver value in several different ways:

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Think of it this way: even a small rental company is sitting on a mountain of data. From vendor invoices and warranty documents to customer information and jobsite data, you have many moving pieces to keep in order. A rental ERP solution doesn't just help you keep that data organized; it helps you turn it into actionable information. It's the "easy button" to becoming more efficient and making better decisions for company growth.

Choosing the Right Rental ERP 

While a rental ERP can be more expensive than point solutions, the significant gains in efficiency, accuracy, and reporting far exceed the cost. In fact, most of the customers who use InTempo's rental software earn more than 2.5x the rental revenue per location than customers who use other solutions. That ROI is hard to ignore.

Of course, choosing the right ERP is critical to the success of your project - and not all solutions are created equal. Some rental software companies claim to offer "all-in-one" ERP systems, but getting all the features requires an upgrade to a larger package or still require the use of third-party accounting software. If you're thinking about taking your business to the next level with a rental ERP, be sure to thoroughly explore all your options and consider how they'll work in real-life applications. 

If you'd like to see InTempo's rental software in action, request a demo here or contact us to learn more.

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