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What Makes InTempo's ERP Software Different?

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When you're deciding between ERP and non-ERP rental software, you're not just picking a technology – you're choosing how you will manage, grow, and scale your business. This chart highlights some of the key differences between the InTempo Enterprise rental ERP and other rental software products that don't offer a fully integrated solution. 


InTempo Comparison Chart

Here's what InTempo customers say about the power of Rental ERP.

"To us, a fully integrated system means that it's a power-horse. We can handle financial aspects of the company, as well as counter side of the company, and bring them both together." Courtney Yao | Accountant, Ontario Rental Supply

"I don't have time to wait once a night for my data to refresh. When I need to look at something, I need to look at it now. With an ERP system, I can have everything in one system, and have it available in real time." Hernan del Aguila | President, Partner Rentals 

"InTempo Enterprise allows your payables, receivables, accounting manager, all of your service people, all of your rental people to be working in the system at the same time and with much faster results." Scott Hatcher | President, Equipment Finders

“InTempo’s reporting system gives us the ability to drill down to customer files. This means we can see a snapshot of a customer’s data for sales and rentals, and then drill into the next level to the general ledger. It lets you build all the building blocks, and gives you more data at a click of the button in real time." Tiffany Ormsby | Controller, M&N Equipment

“With InTempo Enterprise ERP, I can enter items into the system as prepaid, which automatically creates a journal entry every month. This is a huge time savings for me because I don’t have to do manual entries.” Fawn Robicheaux | Controller, Aerial Access Equipment

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