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An Interview with Matt Hopp, General Manager of InTempo

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Marketing Manager Kate Miller sits with InTempo's General Manager, Matt Hopp. 

Q: InTempo’s focus is squarely on small to mid-sized independent rental businesses. Why is that?

A: Well, we recognize there are many thousands of businesses that fit this bill. And all of these operations can reap enormous benefits by using rental software that enables them to drive their businesses. We are excited about the potential to deliver first-rate technology to these organizations while continuing to develop our software in tandem with their changing needs. Since we keep in close contact with many of our customers, we’re able to keep an ear to the ground to understand their day-to-day requirements, which we complement with our technical expertise. That’s how we ensure that our solutions are not just powerful, but also practical. Plus, for these small and mid-sized independent businesses, we see software as just the first step. Whether it’s bringing people together in person or online to share best practices and forge relationships, we’re committed to fostering a strong community in the same way we’re committed to delivering the high caliber of software our customers build their business on.

Q: What are some of the technology trends you see unfolding in this industry over the next few years?

A: Mobility will continue to be a major focus. Everybody knows that more and more people are doing more and more with their handheld devices. And just think about the next generation — the people who will be coming into this industry. They are going to be completely comfortable doing nearly everything on their mobile device. The change in emphasis from desktop to mobile is similar to the sea changes that have unfolded over the last 25 years, when people moved from paper to computer-based systems and from faxes to emails. From a business and operations standpoint, we all want to be able to do whatever we want, whenever we want, wherever we are. And customers who are renting equipment have the same expectation. They want to find answers to their questions online, without needing to speak to someone. They want to see available inventory and sign contracts simply by swiping their phone or tablet. Through our technology, we continuously look to bridge these gaps not only for our customers, but also for theirs.

Q: For companies who are considering a rental software solution, how much should they weigh features compared to service?

A: The short answer is: equally. When it comes down to it, many rental software solutions share similar features. Some have extras that are important for certain businesses, but you can cover the bases with most of the options that are out there today. Beyond functionality, it’s critical to look out for ease of use (are your employees going to be able to pick the technology without a hitch?) and future evolution. All other things being equal, good service allows you to take better advantage of the software. When you’re connected closely to expert customer care, to developers and to other users, it’s like eating a well-balanced meal packed with nutrients — you stay healthy over the long-term because you’re getting your meat, carbs and veggies. And that’s exactly why we’re so focused on community. It’s not just about software — it’s about helping these businesses do what it takes to grow, technology-related or otherwise.

Q: What types of companies can benefit most from InTempo's software?

A: I’ll bring it back to the beginning. Because of our mix of technology, customer care and community, the businesses we can help most are the local and regional customers. If you need to manage inventory, protect your equipment, track lifecycle from purchase to disposal or sale, and measure ROI, we’ve got you covered. And if you want access to service and a community of peers you won’t find anywhere else, we think you’ll like being “InTempo.” 

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