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Announcing InTempo: Reinventing the Approach to Rental Software

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On April 8th, 2015, we officially introduced InTempo Software as the premiere software provider for local and regional independent rental companies. So: who are we and why are we here? What does it mean to be "InTempo?" And what can we do for you? Well, here's our story.

What Does InTempo Offer that Other Software Companies Don't?

At InTempo, we're not trying to be everything to everyone. Instead, our focus is on delivering the right rental software and unrivaled service to local and regional independent rental operators across equipment, tool, event and specialty markets. We keep close relationships with our customers to understand their challenges and needs, and use this information to continuously develop and improve our software. 

We know "one-size-fits-all" technology doesn't work for many businesses. That's why we work with you to customize a rental software solution for the way your organization rents, manages inventory, and services customers. And, our focus on customer care isn't lip service—it's at the very foundation of our business. We offer a support line staffed by specialists who are dedicated to your business's success. You'll know their names, and they'll know yours. They'll get to know the ins and outs of your business, and work by your side on everything from training to problem-solving to developing new features. We're here for our customers when they need us. In fact, we pride ourselves on it. 

We're also committed to fostering an active community. Through user conferences, educational content, forums, and more, our customers are able to learn from each other and stay on top of industry trends. Stay tuned for more announcements and information on our efforts.

Who Are We? 

InTempo Software is new in name, but our suite of equipment rental software, which includes RentalMan®, Enfinity®, and CounterPro®, has powered rental operations for decades (and counting). And the people behind InTempo, from our software engineers to our customer care representatives to business development, have served rental businesses for years. They know the industry, and they get your business. 

What Does InTempo Mean?

Yes, we're a rental software company. But we're also much more. InTempo represents the symbiotic relationship between our company, technology, customers, and community; we strive to be literally in tempo by connecting the dots across all of these areas to deliver the best possible experience and product to our customers. We believe that this is the best, and only, way to serve them.

So, What's the Bottom Line?

If you want your rental business to be "InTempo," we'd love to talk to you. With our approach, we're confident we'll be the last software rental software company you'll ever turn to.  

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