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Happy Birthday to InTempo…We’re One Year Old!

InTempo Software InTempo Software

It’s time to bring out the cake...InTempo just turned one year old! We’re taking the opportunity to look back on the amazing things we’ve accomplished, together with our customers, over the last 12 months. Here are a few of them:

We built a new brand from the ground up

The key to building a strong, enduring brand can be summed up in one word: Focus. InTempo is different from other companies, and that’s something we hang our hats on. We’re different because we focus on serving the specific needs of local and regional independent rental businesses. We’re different because we focus on building strong relationships with all of our customers, and on providing opportunities for our customers to build relationships with one another. We’re different because of the decades-long history our software and our people bring to our new brand. The support and feedback we’ve received tells that as a result of this focus, InTempo has filled a very real gap in the industry.  

We added powerful functionality to our software

Version 4 of InTempo Core (formerly Enfinity) was released with new features that make communicating with customers easier and reporting more robust. InTempo Enterprise (formerly RentalMan) released three new mobile apps spanning sales, logistics and operations, with development led by sister company Wynne Systems. And with much more coming down the pipeline, our developers are working day in and day out to provide technology built to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Enterprise Rental Mobile Apps

We’ve been all over the news

Our people have been quoted in a slew of rental publications. Just this week, General Manager Matt Hopp was quoted extensively in an article on mobile evolution in Rental Management. Matt wrote about what rental businesses need to know about EMV on Director of Operations JJ Shea wrote in Rental Equipment Register about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trends and potential new ways to communicate with renters.  

We won a major award

Rental magazine, a leading rental industry publication of AC Business Media, awarded InTempo with their 2015 Editor’s Choice Award. Criteria included innovation, versatility, value to rental operators and the amount of interest the product has received on the publication’s online Buyer’s Guide.

Rental Award

We crossed the country a few times over

Just in the first three months of the year, we participated in seven tradeshows, including ARA’s Rental Show, CRA’s Rental Rally, The Special Event, Chicagoland’s ARA show, ARA of Connecticut’s Mini Show, the ARA of Massachusetts’ Vendor Night, and the Canadian Rental Mart. We enjoyed getting out, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Most of all, we loved hearing about your challenges and understanding where we can help. 

ARA Rental Show 2016Canadian Rental MartThe Special Event

We held live customer events

Building a strong community among our customers is central to InTempo’s purpose. To that end, we held a Customer Appreciation Night at Park Bar in Atlanta, GA. Despite torrential downpours, we had a strong turnout and wings and an open bar were enjoyed by all. InTempo swag giveaways didn’t hurt, either. In March, we brought together an enthusiastic group for the 2016 InTempo Enterprise User Conference in Indianapolis. We covered a wide range of topics from asset management to telematics to our product roadmap and much more. An evening activity of cocktail aging and barreling classes was a big hit (possibly related to the free cocktails provided during the event). 

InTempo Enterprise User ConferenceInTempo Enterprise User ConferenceInTempo Customer Appreciation Night

We bonded as a team

With InTempo-ians located in Massachusetts, Indiana, California and beyond, we’ve still been able to get to know each other and build relationships across state boarders. A group of us from different offices successfully escaped from The Escape Room in an exhilarating ending to an hour stuck “in jail.”

InTempo Team Bonding 

We grew. And we’re still growing.

Just in the past few weeks, we’ve added two new employees who are both dedicated to helping our customers get the most out of their software. And it’s not just employees we’re adding — we’ve been thrilled to welcome a host of new customers to the InTempo family over the past year.

Most of all, we’re confident in what the future brings and thankful to our customers who have joined us on the ride. Here’s to another great year!  

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