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What Equipment Rental Companies Need to Know about Level Three B2B Credit Card Processing

Faith Kubicki Faith Kubicki

If you primarily rent out equipment to construction companies, contractors, government agencies, or other businesses, level three (B2B) credit card processing may help you save a considerable amount of money.

A quick primer:

For companies that do a high volume or high dollar amount of B2B transactions (something we’re extremely familiar with in the rental industry!), level three credit card processing can save several thousands of dollars per month.

Equipment Rental Companies Level 3 Credit Card Processing

To qualify for the level three processing rate, however, you’ll need to meet certain criteria and pass specific data fields to your acquirer when you settle.

InTempo Makes Level Three Credit Card Processing Simple

Our credit card processing integration is already designed to support level three transactions, so you don’t have to make complicated changes on the IT side. Your sales reps and rental coordinators can keep using InTempo to write your rental contracts and reservations, then charge the customer’s card without having to go to a separate application.

When that card is a corporate purchasing card or government card, our portal automatically determines whether that transaction is level-3 eligible. For transactions that do qualify, it then helps your accounting team build a data file with all the required fields, such as the item quantity, unit of measure, and item commodity or customer code, before they settle the batch. You don’t have to type in every single data point by hand; you capture the maximum discounts with minimal work.

Take a Look at Our B2B Payment Processing Solutions

Interested in learning how level 3 (B2B) credit card processing could help save your rental business? Our team can review your most recent credit card statement to help you calculate your potential savings. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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