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Three Ways to Save Time with Your Rental Software’s Customer Portal

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How many customer service representatives do you have at your rental business? Are you paying a full-time employee – or several ­–  to answer emails and phone calls every time a customer asks for their latest invoice or contract? Or, are your sales reps and counter employees managing these requests along with their other tasks?

Full-time customer service representatives can be expensive – especially for a smaller rental shop. However, having your sales and counter teams respond to these requests can take them away from their other critical responsibilities. It also can lead to unacceptably long wait times for your customers, which damages their trust in your rental business. (And at the end of the day – isn’t better customer service one of the reasons your customers choose you over the national chains?)

So: what’s the best way to strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and best-in-class customer service?

Reducing Wait Times and Support Costs with a Customer Portal

Many rental software systems offer a way for renters to get important information and documents online. For instance, InTempo’s Customer Portal lets renters view:

The self-service approach means that customers can access this information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – whether your shop is open or closed. Providing easy access to critical information goes a long way in smoothing out the customer experience. Meanwhile, your employees can spend less of their time searching for documents, sending emails, and fielding phone calls.


That said, a customer portal isn’t just a tool for convenient on-demand document access. Customers can perform other key tasks independently. Here are three ways you can use a customer portal to save even more time:

1: Give Customers the Ability to Pay Their Invoices Online

With an online payment portal, customers can log in and take care of their open invoices without calling your front desk. You get paid faster, reducing open invoices and DSO.

With InTempo’s Customer Portal, users can pay one invoice, some of their invoices, or all of them. They can even put a card on file so they don’t have to manually key in their card number for each transaction. The data isn’t stored in your rental software, which means you don’t have to worry about security requirements.  

Use Case #2: Let Customers Submit Termination Requests

If a customer needs to terminate a lease, they can start the process online. InTempo’s Customer Portal lists all of the machines that the user has on rent. From there, they select the equipment they are finished with and add any special instructions.

Use Case #3: Let Customers Run Trend Analyses

Another way to go above and beyond? Giving your customers detailed data for trend reports and in-depth analysis.

With InTempo’s Customer Portal, your renters can see their rental histories by month or type of equipment, ongoing job costs, estimated return dates, and other key pieces of information. They can run these reports on demand or have them automatically delivered every day, week, month, or quarter. It’s an easy way to maintain an ongoing connection with your customers, help them optimize their rental experience, and deliver extra value.

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