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Introducing the Newest Features for InTempo Enterprise Rental Software (Summer 2024)

Faith Kubicki Faith Kubicki

This June, we’ll be introducing several new features to our rental software. We’re specifically excited to share:

Preventing Units for Sale From Being Put on a Held Reservation

Prevent the accidental rental of equipment that’s been earmarked for sale. InTempo can now block users from adding equipment to a reservation if that equipment has a sale flag that disallows rentals. The screen will display an error message: Equipment is not available to rent.

Printer Overrides for Cycle Bills Created During the Nightly Process

When you run cycle bills in a nightly batch, you can print to a named centralized printer. Once run, you’ll be able to see the cycle bills that were run and the printer to which they were sent.

Vertex Tax Lookups by +4 Digit Zip Codes

If you’re using Vertex to simplify taxes on your rentals, you can now return zip + 4 from TMS Google interface and call Vertex to return the correct GEO codes.

Vertex Tax Calculations for Rental Contracts in InTempo Rental Software

See the Updates in Action

Current customers can log in to ZenDesk for the full release notes. If you have any questions about getting started with the new features, please contact Customer Care.

If you’re not currently using InTempo Enterprise, we’d be happy to show you the latest options in rental software. Contact us for more information or to request a free demo.

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