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Introducing the Newest Features for InTempo Enterprise Rental Software (Winter 2024)

Faith Kubicki Faith Kubicki

Introducing the Newest Features for InTempo Enterprise Rental Software (Winter 2024)

This January, we’ll be introducing several new features to our rental software. These updates allow for easier drop shipping, faster tiered pricing updates, and automatic equipment status updates when equipment is returned with an open work order. Take a deeper dive into the new features here:

Drop Shipping Items from a Purchase Order

Occasionally, you’ll purchase items from a supplier and have them shipped directly from the vendor to your customer. With InTempo, you can now add more visibility into the dropshipping process, linking the purchases to an existing sales order or contract.

You’ll start by creating a purchase order as you normally do, then entering DD (for Direct Delivery) in the material code. From there, you’ll confirm that the purchase order is attached to the sales order:

Drop Ship Items from a Purchase Order in InTempo Rental Software

Bulk Upload Updates to Tiered Equipment Rental Pricing

There’s a newer, faster way to update tiered pricing for your rental fleet. This works for setting up brand new categories and classes of equipment as well as updating existing rates. Specify the desired location, company, and effective date; load the rates and the updates will be visible in your dynamic rates selection screen.

Automatically Update Equipment Status When a Machine is Returned with an Open Work Order

Get better visibility into your equipment statuses with less manual work from your team. If you open a work order while an asset is out on rent, being returned, or being exchanged, InTempo’s rental ERP will automatically change the status to Down or Short Term Failure. (The Major Repair flag on the work order will determine which of these statuses is selected.) Now there’s one less opportunity to miss these critical updates, giving you more accurate visibility into the availability of your fleet.

Update Rental Equipment Status when Returned with Open Work Order

Get the Latest Functionality From Your Rental Software

Current customers can log in to ZenDesk to for the full release notes. If you have any questions about how to get started with any of these features, please contact customer care.

If you’re not currently using InTempo Enterprise, we’d be happy to show you what’s possible with the latest technologies. Contact our sales team for a no-obligation demo.

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