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Employee Spotlight Part Two: From the Rental Counter to InTempo

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In a previous blog post, we sat down with two InTempo employees who have worked in rental stores. With years of experience not only in software but also behind the counter and in the field, these employees bring a unique perspective to our customers. 

In this post, we’ll talk to two more InTempo Customer Care employees who have spent their careers in the rental industry as well. Read on to hear about how their background shapes their work today - and what that means for you as an InTempo Software user.

John Garrett InTempo Software
John Garrett, Customer Care at InTempo Software

Q: How did you get your start in Rental?

A: When I was getting out of college at the University of Utah, I was recruited by Hertz Equipment. I worked in the Irvine location. When you first start at Hertz, they put you on the counter. You take all the orders, do the dispatching, learn about the equipment and the front office, and do the scheduling of the drivers. Then I was an outside sales representative in Anaheim for Hertz. Eventually, they did some consolidation of a few yards and I’d help train the desks at locations around California. Around that time, Hertz started to implement RentalMan and I was a part of that process. After we implemented them, I was working for Wynne. There were only four of us in the beginning, so I did a little of everything — I worked on installs, at the help desk, and on-site.  Now I work in Customer Support at InTempo. My specialties are inventory, front office, and operations.

Q: How has your experience impacted how you work with customers?

A: You have that common vocabulary and you can relate to what they are going through because you were there. If a customer calls because something isn’t working for them, and they can’t get a contract out when three guys are standing in line, I know how that feels. I’ve been there. You speak a common language, the rental language, because you’ve done it. You’ve done dispatching, you’ve had to schedule maintenance of machines and get drivers to pick equipment. You know firsthand what they’re experiencing. It helps you relate to them.   

Delaneya Clark InTempo Software
Delaneya Clark, Customer Care at InTempo Software

Q: How did you get your start in Rental?

In the mid-1990s, I started working with Patent Construction Systems in California and spent eight years with them. I started doing the billing and moved into operations, which involved creating rentals, processing returns, doing reservations, invoicing customers and arranging trucks. When I began working at Patent, they were just starting out using RentalMan. Patent turned me into what they called a “mentor.” If other locations in our region had issues, they would call me as the first point of contact. I started working at Wynne in Customer Support in 2004, and now at InTempo.  

Q: How has your experience impacted how you work with customers?

It helps me to understand the stresses customers go through at a location level. The customer I am speaking with may not have a lot of experience in the area of the system they are calling about so in addition to working on solving the problem, I spend time training on how our rental software works as a whole. My experience also helps me realize that if I’m working with a customer that puts me on hold, they’re doing so to take care of their customer….and ultimately that’s why we’re all here.

We’re glad you got to “meet” John and Delaneya. Keep an eye out for more employee spotlight editions! 

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