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Five Ways a Transportation Management System Can Help Your Rental Business Save Time and Reduce Costs

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As your rental business grows, logistics become more complicated. Manually managing a fleet of hundreds – if not thousands – of machines can be nearly impossible – especially if you’re using spreadsheets or whiteboards to manage your pickups and deliveries.

One way to streamline your logistics? Incorporating a transportation management system into your base rental software. Sharing data across systems, you can maximize your driver hours, reduce fuel costs, and even streamline compliance. The best part? Your ROI becomes higher as you continue to grow.


Manage More Routes with Fewer Trucks

A transportation management system lets you schedule more pickups and deliveries with fewer trucks. With real-time visibility into all of your rentals – and your transportation fleet – you can dispatch your drivers more strategically. Combining trips to reduce empty miles and idle time means less wear and tear on your trucks – as well as lower fuel costs.

Reduce Your Fuel Costs

The more efficient your routes, the lower the operational costs.

Assume your rollback trucks average 8 miles per gallon. At $4 per gallon of gas, that’s $50 in savings for every 100 empty miles you prevent.

Even for rental businesses that run a smaller fleet, reducing just 100 empty miles a day can provide $2,600 in annual fuel cost savings. For companies with a larger fleet, a reduction of 500 empty miles per day can translate to $13,000 in annual savings – and that’s not even taking into consideration your drivers’ salaries.

Reduce Driver Overtime

Less time on the road can translate to fewer overtime hours. It’s an easy way to reduce your staffing costs without reducing your staff.

Faster Turnaround Times

The faster you return a machine to your inventory, the faster you can get it ready to rent back out. That can bring you more revenue from the assets you already own.

Spend Less Time on Manual Compliance Documentation

Instead of manually managing your driver logs, a transportation management system lets you automatically track driver hours and break times. You have the documentation you need to meet your DOT compliance requirements, without having to allocate back-office resources to never-ending record-keeping.

Learn More About InTempo’s Transportation Management System

Our transportation management system isn’t just another one-size-fits-all logistics application. Specifically designed to meet the needs of rental businesses – and fully integrated with our Enterprise rental software –  our transportation management module makes it easier to manage your routes.

Ready to see it in action? Request a demo or contact our team for more information.

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