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How ACME/ECCO is Using Connected Assets to Manage Rental Equipment Geofences and CARB Compliance

Faith Kubicki Faith Kubicki

Connected Assets provides equipment rental companies with a comprehensive view into their entire fleet. It’s more than just a “dot on a map”; you can go beyond each unit’s location and drill into customer information, jobsite information, upcoming service needs, and more.

Check out a few ways one InTempo MX user is doing exactly that:

“Geofences have been a huge thing for us. As you guys know, half of our business is re-rental, and we don’t have eyes on our equipment all the time. [InTempo] made it so easy that you can make a fence with two clicks. You can name it how you want, and it shows up on the side; you can then sort by name or by customer.

The yards are also great because we were having to assign units to yards. Now, if a unit goes to a yard or site in the system, it alerts us. It’s taken almost all of our manual pieces away.

Another great thing is when you are in the main screen, you can dive into the yards and it shows you everything [that’s there]. If you’ve got 30 things at one job, you can go in and look at all of them, then direct your service guys out there and say “hey, you’re going to hit all of these [today] and all of these tomorrow.” It really is a quick way to look at things.”

Reporting is another key feature for a Connected Assets program – especially when it blends traditional telematics information with the rental data that corresponds with each machine.

Here’s how Cara sees it:

“I also use reports quite a bit. There is a great function to make any kind of report that ties your GPS information with the information you’re getting from InTempo.

Last Customer is a huge thing for us for things like customer damage. [In InTempo MX], you can quickly see who the last customer was and what fence it’s in.

We also have a report that shows you what’s in which state every morning. I don’t know if anyone rents in California, but we’ll have some stuff cross over. We run an exception report with what goes in to the state of California every week to make sure it is CARB compliant. As CARB gets stricter, that has definitely been a huge thing for us.”

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