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Linen Rental Software

Simple, Easy to Use Solutions for Managing Your Linen Rentals

Manage your entire rental inventory, from tablecloths and napkins to table skirts and overlays. Create quotes and reservations; invoice customers and simplify your payment process. InTempo Core Linen Rental Software supports all your day-to-day event planning operations, while helping your grow your businesss.

Discover our Linen Rental Software

Linen Rental Software for Inventory Tracking, Invoicing, and More

Rentals & Sales

Speed Up Contracts, Quotes, and Reservations

Complete your most important rental, sale, and service tasks faster than ever. Create quotes, reservations, and contracts for new or existing customers; clone existing contracts where you can to save time. Manage book rates and discounts, configure add-on items, and streamline inspections when you return assets to your rental inventory.

Easily Manage Your Wedding Rental Inventory

Manage your inventory with ease. Take cycle counts; re-order parts; manage rates; set your pricing. Set up recommended items to increase revenue with add-on rentals and sales.

Build a Brand Your Customers Will Remember

Every document you send your customers is a chance to build your small business into a memorable brand. Easily add logos and other custom design elements to your rental contracts and invoices.

Choose from a Variety of Billing Options

Manage your cash flow any way that suits your business. Send invoices on any rental cycle - be it daily, weekly, monthly, or anything else. Keep cards on file for recurring customers and easily manage cash transactions.

Make Communication Your Strong Suit

Stand out from competitors with seamless communication. Send emails at important milestones through the rental cycle, from quote confirmation to A/R overdue. Choose when to send alerts and keep everyone on the same page.

Share Important Information for Every Rental

Display important safety messages and installation instructions. Store handouts with crucial details to easily share with customers.


Built-In Accounts Receivable

A built-in Accouts Receivable module makes it easy to create invoices, track payments, and make sure you're getting paid. Track A/R promises and conversations regarding overdue payments.

Integrate with QuickBooks

Integrate with your existing back-end accounting software, such as QuickBooks. Keep all of your existing processes for Accounts Payable and vendor management.

Manage Depreciation

Start tracking depreciation as soon as you add a new asset to your inventory.


Keep Your Linens in Rent-Ready Condition

Linens may not require as much maintenance as rental machinery - but you still need to put in the work to keep them rent-ready. Manage scheduled cleanings and maintenance, while dealing with repairs on an as-needed basis.

Monitor Repair Costs vs. ROI

Assets that require constant repairs can cut into your bottom line. Track repair costs for each item in your inventory to keep an eye on profitability.

Manage Parts Orders

Create purchase orders for parts and account for costs in any way that suits your business.

Asset Lifecycle

Decide When It's Time to Sell Off Rental Assets

When you're no longer generating a return on certain assets, it may be time to remove them from your rental fleet. Track the ROI on every piece of equipment with robust reporting capabilities, then determine when it's time to sell or dispose of specific items.

Extend the Life of Your Equipment

Get the most out of your rental inventory by staying on top of preventive maintenance schedules. Monitor every asset and report on items that are due for upcoming service.

Delivery and Pickup

Connect Your Drivers, Operations, and Customers

Easily optimize routes to reduce miles, trucks, and cost. Adhere to time window restrictions and equipment restrictions. Track vehicles in real-time and provide turn-by-turn directions to drivers.

Get Insights Into Fleet Operations

Perform extensive financial analyses. View planned v. actual delivery times, account history, driver performance, and more.

Provide a 21st Century Customer Experience

Give customers 24/7 access to the current status of their delivery via a link to customer portal. Send delivery updates to customers via email or text message.

Reporting & Analytics

Insights Into Your Business

View numerous reports essential to rental businesses, including daily transaction journal, delivery and pickups, overbooking, delinquencies, rental recap/analysis, and much more. Schedule reports to run automatically and export to a variety of formats.

Know Your Customers

Uncover the numbers behind your customers. View reports by customer including month-to-date, year-to-date, last two years, and life-to-date sales.

Financial Management Insights

Get paid on time and make smarter decisions about your customers and equipment. View reports on A/R aging, depreciation, short cash, and more.

Create Custom Reports

Create your own reports without complicated coding. InTempo's easy-to-use drag-and-drop business intelligence tool helps you track the metrics that matter the most to your business.

Grow Your Linen Rental Business

InTempo doesn't just help you streamline the operational side of running an event rental company. Our linen rental software gives you the insights you need to sustainably increase revenue (and profits!) while building a successful business.

Whether you specialize exclusively in wedding rentals or offer a full spectrum of party products for events of all kind, InTempo will help you make sure you're making the most of every item in your inventory.

Industry-Leading Support, Training, and Professional Services

Our Customer Care and Professional Services team members have decades of real-world experience in the rental industry, which means they've been exactly where you are right now. They've seen - and solved - the challenges you're currently facing, and are here to help you do the same. As you start using your new linen rental software, we'll help you optimize your business processes to make sure you're working as efficiently as possible.

Industry-Leading Support, Training, and Professional Services