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Customer Success

Why Gary Galloway of Rental Country Has Been a Customer for Decades

Gary Galloway, Rental Country
Vineland, NJ

“We get plenty of calls from other software vendors who say they can beat InTempo’s price. My response to them is, it’s not always a price issue — it’s a service issue. And we’re very happy with the level of service.”

Gary Galloway

Software that Grows with the Business

“Each time we opened a location, it was a seamless add-on.”

My wife and I opened Rental Country in 1981. We started with one location and three employees. Our relationship with Solutions By Computer (now a part of InTempo) stretches back to 1987 when we installed CounterPro as our first equipment rental software system. As we grew from a single store to four stores, we added CounterPro to each location. Today we have about 35 employees, and we rent trenchers, Bobcats, jackhammers, air compressors, backhoes, chainsaws, generators, floor buffers—mostly general construction and remodeling equipment and tools, and landscaping equipment. In the beginning we were almost all rentals and no sales. But since then, we took on Honda and Stihl and do big business with both of them. We’re one of the largest Stihl dealers in the region.

Support When It’s Needed Most

“We’ve been very satisfied with the support—it’s very responsive and we really just don’t have issues.”

Any time we have a hardware problem, customer support solves it, and we haven’t had any software problems. We’ve been very happy. We had oneinstance where they really came through for us. I came in to the store and found we had a hard drive crash. I had nothing. All my data was gone, but luckily I had done a backup every night. One of the support guys came down the next day with a whole new unit for us. He loaded our backup tape and the only data we had to re-enter was from his travel day, when we recorded our transactions manually. By the end of that day, all four stores were up and running. It was all very quick.

A Configurable System

“Parts Update is simple and takes five minutes to do.”

We do a lot of business with Honda and Stihl. Between those two, there’s probably 100,000 parts, so we use a program called Parts Update within CounterPro. When vendors change a price, it’s updated in our system. It’s a done deal and it’s very simple to do. We’ve had this feature for 12 years.

Inventory Tracking for Rental and Sale

“I can’t say anything bad about the system, and it’s been almost 30 years. There’s not much more we want.”

With the software, we can easily track our inventory — where it is, our return on investment, our maintenance. When we write up a contract on a piece of equipment like a trencher, everything is entered by serial number. We know who has a specific piece of equipment at any time. If it gets damaged or stolen, we know where it happened. If something breaks on the job and we switch it with another item, the computer will track it. On the customer screen, we type in the job site where the equipment is delivered, and the signer’s name and cell phone. We deal with a lot of charge accounts, so if an account gets a bill from us and they can’t read who signed for the equipment, that’s an issue. But with CounterPro, we know exactly who it was and there’s no question.