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Customer Success

How Robert Sivek of Meetinghouse Companies Manages Inventory with Ease

Robert Sivek, The Meetinghouse Companies
Elmhurst, IL

"We look for reliability in our suppliers, especially with something as important as a mission-critical computer system. We know that InTempo isn’t going anywhere ... and the ownership is committed to the rental industry. That was our choice – to trust our business to the industry leader."

Robert Sivek

Easy-to-Learn Software

"We can train a new employee on Enfinity (now InTempo Core) in hours, instead of days." 

For us, Windows is all about the user learning curve. People already have familiarity with Windows; they know what a graphical interface looks like and how to use the commands.

What’s great about InTempo Core is the way it uses all the strong points of the Windows operating system in its applications software. InTempo has built party and event rental software that is easily understandable and very intuitive in how it operates. That’s the thing about software – it’s as good as the people behind it, and InTempo has very good people. 

Tracking Inventory at Every Step

"Inventory is always coming and going. InTempo Core does an amazing job of maintaining our inventory."

Our business can be extremely intense in terms of the demands it places on a computer system. Our typical contract is in the $3,000 to $5,000 dollar range, and it’s not unusual for a contract to be $50,000 dollars or more. We have 30-plus employees who use InTempo Core to serve our customers. With most rental businesses, you can build a tent a few different ways but essentially a tent is a tent, and tent kits are pretty straightforward. As an event design company working with artistic decor, our kits can be more complicated, to include entire settings with multiple decor components. We rent everything from props and scenic decor to audiovisual equipment and lighting. Inventory is always coming and going. Core does an amazing job of maintaining our inventory. It gets us where we need to be. We’re pulling the right things from the warehouse, and we get the right inventory on our trucks. You can’t run a rental company in this day and age without that kind of computer tracking. We often use Core to look up the utilization of an item to decide whether to toss it, replace it or buy more of it. We look at revenue on items non-stop. Core tracks everything; absolutely nothing falls through the cracks. We have complete confidence in the information in the system.

Marketing to Customers

"InTempo Core is the most customer-oriented rental software I've seen." 

We’re able to do much more from a marketing point of view using this system. For example, I can enter coupon codes and Core will automatically apply a promotional discount when a coupon is redeemed. When the expiration date comes up, the discount automatically deactivates. We also use the system to run fun contests for our customers; we did one recently where, if you beat us at ‘rock, paper, scissors’ over the phone, you got a 10 percent discount on your next rental. Everybody who called, won! The system makes it very easy to control these promotions, turn them on and off. InTempo Software is the industry standard that everyone else aspires to.