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Customer Success

Kei Dopeyra of Hagemeyer North America Uses InTempo Customized Solutions

Kei Dopyera, Hagemeyer North America
Charleston, SC

InTempo has been willing to work with us right along, as much as we need.

Kei Dopyera

High Volume No Problem

"Our contracts can be for one piece of equipment or several hundred."

In our Technical Services division, we rent gas detection equipment, breathing air equipment, fall protection and fire extinguishers to name a few categories. We use Enfinity (now InTempo Core) to track that equipment as it is rented, and we document it as it returns. Last month, we processed 663 rental contracts through the system.

Inventory Control Solved

“InTempo wrote a cycle count program based on the specs we gave them.”

Our inventory is set up in InTempo Core with barcodes, serial numbers, pricing, and whatever other attributes are needed. We have millions of dollars of rental equipment, and one of the ways we protect that investment is by doing weekly cycle counts. The standard cycle count program in Core didn’t include the barcode detail, so InTempo wrote a program to our specs. We call it ‘shelf to sheet.’ The field scans the barcodes of the equipment on the shelf, and then we run a report. Equipment that’s not on the shelf is reported as being out on contract, or on a transfer, or it’s missing. If it’s missing, we do some research.

Seamless Billing through EDI

“Our supervisor said she would never go back to pen and paper rental contract management.”

Our company has its own billing program and Technical Services needs to use that same system to invoice customers. So a big item on our wish list was to avoid the manual entry of recreating rental transactions in Control. InTempo worked with our IT department to set up EDI data transmissions from our rental software. Now, at the end of each month, our supervisor in Pasadena can generate all the billing, for all of our rental locations. The end of month process used to take her days calculating every open contract. Now she just runs the monthly periodic billing process and the system does it all

Collaboration and Customization

Factory Load is a program InTempo wrote for us. It works really well. If we open a contract, and we enter the rental as ‘10 air packs,’ we can transmit that information to our warehouse where it prints out on a form that’s basically a pick ticket. In the warehouse, they pull the units off the shelf and then they go into Factory Loader. They enter the contract number, and then scan the 10 barcodes, and Enfinity loads the contract with the barcode information.

The other piece they wrote is Factory Return. When we get the equipment back, it could be a couple units at a time, or it could be a mass of equipment coming back in off of multiple contracts. When we scan those barcodes, the data is gathered into a custom report that tells us which contract each piece of equipment was on. It makes it easy for our CSRs to close out those contracts.

“InTempo knew it was important to us to make our first Enfinity (now InTempo Core) installation a success. The support we received gave us the confidence to expand the system to eight more of our rental hubs. We’re seeing definite benefits in efficiency, especially with personnel.”