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Why Data Backup for Equipment Rental Businesses?

Kate Miller Kate Miller

Imagine this: You’ve spent years, possibly decades, building your rental business. You’ve worked hard, day in and day out, to create a solid customer base.  Thanks to your rental software, you know exactly where your inventory is, who owes you money, and who not to rent to.  Sound familiar?

Now, imagine if that carpet was pulled out from under you. Think about how you would feel if you came to the store and you didn’t have any of your records spanning the past ten plus years. What would you do if you didn’t know how much people owed you or where your equipment is? For many owners, this could literally mean the end of their business. There are countless scenarios that could cause this nightmare to become reality — a flood, fire, theft or hard drive crash to name just a few. If you use a rental system but don’t backup your data every day, you risk threatening the livelihood of your business and your life’s work.

The good news is, there is a way to avoid putting yourself and your business in these very situations. And while the solution involves some effort on your part, it is neither time-consuming nor expensive. No matter what rental system you use, you should always back up your data. According to Patrick Pittman, a Customer Care Analyst at InTempo, there are three simple rules: Rule one is back up your data. Rule two is back up your data. Rule three is see rule one and two.

How should you go about data backup? The safest and best bet is, on a daily basis, to backup locally on a disk or tape anduse an online service that runs automatically.  Offsite backup is critical because if you do a data backup locally and say, your building burns down, you won’t be left empty handed.

Think about data backup like an insurance policy: you never need it until it’s too late. Take the case of one California-based InTempo customer who came into his office one day and his computer wouldn’t start. He bought a new hard drive and because he did backups religiously, our customer support team was able to help him get his data back up in 25 minutes. Patrick cites other customers who did not back up their data and experienced catastrophic failures as a result.   

If you’re a SaaS user, your data is likely backed up automatically (we do this at InTempo, but it’s best to check with your own software provider). If you use your own server, take steps to ensure your data is protected. At InTempo, we offer Venyu, an online backup system that costs less than a dollar a day — likely a fraction of what you paid for your cup of coffee this morning. DVD discs or tapes are similarly of negligible cost when compared to the price of losing all your data.

Don’t risk wiping out years of hard work of building your equipment rental business. You insure your home, car and maybe even smaller items like a wedding ring. Getting “insurance” on your business in the form of data backup is no less vital.  This way, if a disaster does occur and you lose all your data, your recovery story can be something you’re proud of.

Take a look at this infographic from Singlehop on common causes of data loss (it may surprise you!) If you’re an InTempo customer and want to learn more, email  

Infographic source: SingleHop

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