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SmartEquip + RentalMan: A 10 Year Relationship

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At InTempo, our mission is to bring local and regional rental operators the solutions that enable them to improve efficiency and grow their businesses. In that exact spirit, ten years ago, RentalMan was among the first software developers to team up with SmartEquip, a platform that connects manufacturers, distributors, and fleet owners to real-time technologies for managing parts, service, warranties, and other after-sale transactions. To this day, this integration gives our customers a powerful tool to increase profitability throughout the equipment lifecycle.

With the integration between RentalMan and SmartEquip, you can access real-time parts and service support for more than 100 brands of equipment, while automating online parts ordering from your manufacturers and dealers. 

As just one example, if you rent forklifts, SmartEquip would have the breakdown of every single nut, bolt, and washer that is used in every area of the machine. You can then drill down and zoom into a photo of the equipment schematics to get the actual part numbers for items you need to replace. You can click on a part to compare what the manufacturer has at their facility versus what you have in your inventory inside of RentalMan. If you need to place an order, you can generate the purchase order and add the part to your inventory, and send the request to the manufacturer. The part number, quantity, price, and cost are all updated automatically from the purchase order, making for a highly efficient process.   

Click here for a full list of SmartEquip suppliers. If you want more information on how the integration between RentalMan and SmartEquip can help your business improve asset utilization and reduce equipment downtime, contact us today.

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