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InTempo Announces Partnership with Wise Systems to Develop Rental Industry's First Connected Transport Solution

Faith Kubicki Faith Kubicki

InTempo Software is pleased to announce our newest partnership with Wise Systems, a leading provider of AI-driven solutions for strategic route planning.

Together, the companies have developed InTempo CTX – the first AI-driven dispatching system built specifically for the rental industry. The Connected Transport system will bring together route optimization, load optimization, rental optimization, and geolocation-driven scheduling – all integrated with rental, jobsite, and telematics data from the user’s ERP.

AI will allow InTempo CTX to reduce the manual work associated with the current rental dispatching process. Meanwhile, Machine Learning will allow ongoing learning to continually streamline operations and reduce waste.

InTempo CTX Connected Transport Solution

“Now more than ever, rental companies are looking for ways to connect their entire fleet. The dispatch piece has always been a challenge, with constantly shifting delivery times, pickup locations, and traffic conditions,” explained Matt Hopp, General Manager of InTempo. “The solutions on the market to this point haven’t taken into account the unique challenges that rental operators face; we’re leveraging our customers’ feedback and Wise Systems’ considerable expertise in the logistics field to fill that gap in the market.”

“When we decided to find a partner to help us bring our Connected Transport idea to life, Wise Systems was the natural choice,” said Tony Tye, Product Manager for InTempo CTX. “Their ability to connect seamlessly with our Enterprise rental software makes a huge difference for the end user. They don’t have to refer to multiple systems or wait for updates as they plan and monitor their routes; everything they need is available in real time. Independent rental companies can focus on one of their greatest competitive strengths: getting the requested equipment to their customers at the promised time.”

“For last-mile operators, on-time performance, accuracy, and reliability are paramount,” said Erin Blair, Wise Systems’ VP of Strategic Partnerships. “This new partnership addresses these needs by combining Wise Systems’ delivery automation platform with the rental and jobsite data that InTempo users store in their ERP.”

To learn more about InTempo CTX, request a demo here.

About Wise Systems

Trusted by the world’s largest brands, Wise Systems is a delivery automation platform that streamlines every step of last-mile delivery operations. For teams that want to strike the perfect balance between customer experience and operational efficiency, the Wise Systems platform continuously improves customer service, fleet efficiency, and reduces fleet mileage, carbon footprint and late deliveries. Wise Systems is headquartered in Cambridge, MA. For more information, visit