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InTempo Introduces Equipment Condition Report to Mobile App

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In collaboration with Rental BI, InTempo has introduced equipment condition reporting to its mobile app. This feature makes it easy and convenient to protect rental equipment and reduce disputes with customers. Here's a preview of how it works. 

Drivers and yard staff can select a delivery contract and proceed to check the equipment in and out. They can record the meter reading, fuel type, and fuel level. They can also add comments and take photos of the equipment from all angles. 

Equipment Condition Report Check In/Out Equipment

Drivers and yard staff can review details, display terms and conditions, and capture signatures from both the customer and employee upon pickup. 

Equipment Condition Report Review and Sign

Finally, they can email or text a copy of the completed, signed equipment condition report to the customer before leaving the jobsite. 


Equipment Condition Report PDF

The equipment condition report enhances an app already packed with features designed to untether rental businesses and their employees. Other features of the app include: 

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