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Five Years of InTempo Software

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This April marks InTempo’s fifth anniversary. Though five years ago we were a new brand and new company, we were certainly not new to the rental industry. InTempo combined local and regional customers from our sister company Wynne Systems, and all of Solutions by Computer customers. Our people’s decades of rental and software experience is at our core. Still, over the past five years, we’ve built something different. Our very first blog post pronounced that we’re not trying to be everything to everyone. Our mission is to serve local and regional independent rental businesses with a combination of powerful software, best-in-class support, and community. By knowing exactly who we are and who we serve, we’ve been able to successfully establish our own brand, our own team, and our own identity. We’ve built upon our history but have also been fearless about challenging the status quo and going in different directions. We believe this flexibility has enabled us to attract the best team and provide the best products and service to our customers. And we think we’re doing something right—over the past five years we’ve helped our existing customers thrive, and have attracted new customers across the United States and Canada.


Our two flagship rental software solutions, InTempo Core and InTempo Enterprise, don’t just have new names. With Core, we’ve focused on making it easier than ever for businesses in party/event, general, and specialty markets to communicate with their own customers. With InTempo Enterprise, a new mobile app untethers employees from the store, while a new user experience creates significant efficiencies for general and heavy equipment companies. With both of our products, we are consistently building integrations with third party vendors, for everything from telematics to banking to dispatch and beyond. This approach allows us to cut development time while giving our customers access to best-in-breed technology at an accessible price.


At InTempo, we consider Customer Support, in tandem with our Professional Services work, to be of equal importance to the software we provide. But this isn’t just about bug fixes or answering simple questions. It’s about providing coaching, training, and best practices. It’s about holding a webinar to get our customers ready for year-end, or building game-changing custom reports that shave off hours of manual work, or providing online training courses through InTempo Academy. And it’s about the relationships we build; we’ve known some of our customers for decades. One of the things that we’re most proud of is our 97% customer support satisfaction rate. It’s a testament to our team’s commitment to our customers.


Our annual Customer Appreciation Event is a favorite, because we love getting out of the way and letting our customers connect with each other. Our customers are incredibly supportive of one another. They’re quick to get on the phone with each other and explain how they use certain features of our software or reporting tool. Our user conferences have also given our customers a way to connect both with our team and with each other. Our next conference is scheduled for fall of 2020 in New Orleans (possibly to be moved to a later date due to COVID-19), and will feature customer-led panels that provide valuable information-sharing opportunities.

We feel so grateful to be a part of the rental industry. The people in this industry are REAL. The businesses—independently owned, who are deeply involved in and supportive of their own communities—are REAL. These businesses are the backbone and the spirit of North America, and we could not be more proud or grateful to serve them. The immense challenges that have begun to play out these last few weeks have only made that more clear, and have only made our resolve stronger. To the next five years!  

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