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10 Best Websites for Rental Businesses

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We’ve rounded up some of our favorite rental-related websites and blogs from all across the Internet. 

1. Best Way to Start the Week: ARA’s Rental Pulse Newsletter

Stay on top of the big stories each week. Subscribe to the e-newsletter Rental Pulse to receive a wide range of content delivered to your inbox every week spanning everything from regulatory issues to new branch openings.

2. Best for In-Depth Industry News: Rental Management Magazine

Again from the ARA, this publication provides deep dives on a wide range of topics relevant to businesses across general rental, construction rental and party and event rental markets.

3. Best Buyer’s Guide for Construction Equipment:

This Buyer’s Guide is the construction industry’s most complete catalog of new and used construction product information and videos, cross referenced to a directory of suppliers.

Construction equipment buyer's guide


4. Best for Trends in Party & Event Rentals: Special Events Magazine and Blog

The best single source specifically for party & event rental businesses. Our favorite recent feature is a gallery: “What’s Renting: Big Rental Companies Share 2016-2017 Décor Trends.”

Trends in Party & Event Rentals


5. Best for Audio-Visual Rental-Related Light Reading: AV Interactive Blog

Everything AV resides here. From big names in the industry to detailed analysis of LED screen quality, check out this blog and subscribe to AV Interactive’s digital magazine. 

6. Best “Who’s Who” in Rental: RER Magazine’s Profiles

Get to know rental businesses and the people behind them. Of recent stories, one looked at a boutique rental business outside of San Francisco and another at an organization that hosts barbeques for its staff to enhance its work environment. 

7. Best for Analytics: Rouse Rental Report

See where you stand with Rouse’s Rental Report. The report is crammed with data and insights on equipment value, fleet sales, and key metrics.

8. Best for Marketing Your Business: Hubspot’s Library  

Though not specific to rental, Hubspot’s library includes incredibly helpful content whether you’ve never marketed anything in your life or you’re a seasoned professional. With everything from guides on how to create a killer homepage to social media strategy kits, you can easily spend days learning from these resources.

Marketing Your Rental Business


9. Best for Learning About CRM: Salesforce’s Trailhead

If your rental software is integrated with Salesforce, use Trailhead as an engaging way to learn how to get use the CRM. Learn the basics or find out how to use the technology to sell faster. Earn badges along the way. Even if you don’t use Salesforce, Trailhead provides a great (and free!) way to learn what its capabilities are.

10. Best for Rental Technology: InTempo’s Blog

Okay, so this is a plug for our own blog, but it’s worth it! You never know what rental-related story you’ll see on the blog. A post on the importance of taking cycle counts? A guide to managing inventory with rental software? How to create a Google page for your business? An interview with one of our customers? We’ve got all of it and we’re always adding more.

What are your favorite rental publications? Please let us know!

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