Say Hello to the Next Generation of InTempo Enterprise

Empowering You to Work Smarter and Faster Than Ever Before


We’re excited to announce the beta launch of a new interface for our software, which combines powerful new features, sleek design, and ease-of-use to create an experience that is second to none. We’re confident you’ll love the new Enterprise.

  • A sidebar with icons provides easy access to menu options, enabling you to instantly jump to different areas of the system. A new search bar allows you to search using words (e.g. Customer Transaction Inquiry)  or menu path (1.35).


  • With tabbed navigation, you can toggle between screens while you work. When you switch to a different task, the information you’ve input remains so you can pick up right where you left off—for example, interrupting a rental return to create a new contract.


  • Favorites/recents mimic modern web browsers in look and feel, and help you get to work faster.

Favorites and Recents

  • Widgets allow you to search for key information without leaving your current window—for example, equipment and customer inquiries.  You can also use widgets to link to reports, dashboards, and other frequently used web applications.

  • You can now access and use fully functional web apps from directly within Enterprise. This means you can find and drill into reports and dashboards, as well as any other web-based application you use such as CRM or dispatch management.  

  • Push documents to pdf makes it easier to stay organized and print less paper.
  • Single sign on makes it easy to switch locations and seamlessly access other web apps. The ability to use multiple monitors enables you to keep different screens and/or sessions open.   
  • A customizable interface allows you to embed your website or intranet page on the home tab
  • The elimination of Java updates means less headaches and more productivity.
  • And more!

More than just a pretty face, we’ve done the work necessary to make the next generation of InTempo Enterprise the most powerful, productive rental software in existence. To see a demo or become a beta tester, email

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