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Customer Success

Why Easy-to-Use Software Makes a Difference to Todd Phillips of Jefferson Rent-All

Todd Phillips, Jefferson Rent All
Jefferson, NC

"It’s a very easy system to work with, very customer-friendly and rental-friendly...There’s no way our employees would give up the system – they love InTempo Core!"

Todd Phillips

Operational Control

“We love the flexibility of InTempo Core.”  

Rental software has come a long way from when I first started working with systems 15 years ago. There’s been a steady progression of computer power, and the software programs have gotten more powerful, too. It was time to maintain the cutting edge with a system that was developed for Windows from the ground up.

I had some definite data-capture objectives in mind for our portable toilet business. And we’re already using MapPoint with InTempo Core small business rental software to optimize the service routes ... our drivers are definitely using their time more wisely. We’re saving on fuel, too. For example, we run three trucks for the portable toilet business and the fuel bill used to be about $1900.00 a month. I’m shaving that down by hundreds a month. That’s an immediate payback on the system.


“We have a lot of additional advantages with InTempo Core.”  

We can take pictures of our equipment and show a customer an image right on the screen. We’re also putting PDF files with equipment specs and operating instructions in the system, so our employees can refer to the information on the screen and answer customer questions on the fly. If a customer calls us and describes a work area with a 13-ft. wall that’s 3” wide, we can look at the specs for an equipment model and see if it will give him enough reach. That’s good customer service.

Another thing I really like is the way Core talks to PartyCAD. We use PartyCAD to spec out an entire event for a customer and then just press a button and all the inventory is in Core. Everything the customer has seen, all the tables, chairs, tents, silverware … it seems like our employees used to work for days to accomplish the same thing, and now it’s just drag and drop and click.

Ease of Use

“The flexibility and support I’ve seen has been great.”  

Let me give you an example of how easy InTempo Core is – we had employees writing reservations before I even had a chance to show them how the system works! I guess some of that is Windows, but a lot of it is InTempo. I went to Massachusetts and did some training – knew I’d get more done there, without the interruptions! The training sessions were phenomenal. And we’ve done some online training. But it’s also been very easy to train people at the store, showing them how something works one-on-one. We got total support from InTempo throughout the implementation process ... they really supported me. I could get on the phone with them at any time.