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How Tracking Equipment Attributes in your Rental Software Can Help You More Efficiently Manage Your Fleet

Arielle Cox Arielle Cox

The larger your rental fleet, the harder it can be to remember the specific features for each piece of equipment. When you have thousands of assets in your inventory – sometimes even dozens of the same category/class - remembering which machine fits a customer’s specific request can be easier said than done.

For context, think about getting the following questions about your current rental fleet.

Does your dirt equipment have rollover protection?

The equipment will be used in a gymnasium – does it have non-skid tires?

Which excavators have a backup alarm?

And if you have a growing sales team? Some of your long-time employees may know your equipment like the back of their hand – but new hires may be much less familiar with what you have in your yard. When a customer calls in looking for X machine to use on Project Y, it’s crucial to be able to quickly point them in the right direction.

That’s where Equipment Attributes can come into play.

What are Equipment Attributes?

Attributes are a way of "tagging” features that a machine can have (i.e., width of a machine, certain controls, hydraulic kit, etc.)

Attributes allow users to search for specifics when looking up equipment in your rental software. This would mean if you needed to search for all equipment that has a 4-wheel drive, you could simply create an Attribute under the title “4-Wheel Drive”, and it would return all relevant units for you. If needed, you can then add additional attributes to further narrow down your search (for instance, adding skid protection under your search field.)

“Easier said than done” is a phrase of the past when you have the correct software to help you find equipment that meets your customers’ needs. Set your filters to match the units and details you deem necessary, then let the Attributes function work for you.

These features can be as simple or as detailed as you need. Meaning- do you want to only look at what you have in your yard that has a backup alarm?

Time is literally money. So, when you're responding to a customer's inquiry, quickly determine what equipment will meet their requirements so you can get them what they need, when they need it.

Setting Up Equipment Attributes in Your Rental Software

InTempo makes it easy to set up Equipment Attributes. You can do so when you add new equipment to your rental inventory, or later down the line (although it’s a great best practice to add these attributes when you first add machines to your fleet).

Here’s how easy it is:

Select the menu option titled “Attributes” and follow these steps:

Equipment Attributes

When you select the option below, the system will display all the existing Attributes already setup. Each new Attribute can be added by pressing F6.

Setting up Equipment Attributes in Your Rental Software

Pressing F6 will allow you to be in “add” mode and enter in a new Attribution code, Description, and Status (Status should be “A” for active).

Equipment Attributes for Rental Equipment

You can review your newly added Attributes in the Equipment Inquiry option.

Tracking Equipment Features with Attributes

If you want to see what other Attributes a unit has, select option 19 next to the unit and press [ENTER].

Equipment Attributes and Steps

This will list out all the Attributes for this unit.

Steps to Setting Up Your Equipment Attributes Function

Discover All the Ways InTempo Can Help You More Efficiently Manage Your Rental Fleet

If you’re an existing customer and want to learn about implementing equipment attributes, contact customer care.

If you’re not currently using InTempo, contact us for a no-obligation walk through on how Attributes can work for you or to request a demo.