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How to Encourage Renters to Use Self-Service Customer Portal

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As modern consumers, we all expect to be able to access the information we want, the instant we want it. Study after study show that people want (and sometimes prefer) an online self-service approach to get information and answers from the companies they do business with. The rental industry is no exception, as the concept of web-based customer portals become more of an expectation than a "nice to have." Still, some people take a little more encouragement than others to become comfortable with the idea of using a portal. If you have a renter who has been calling regularly 10 years to request copies of invoices or find out what’s on rent, this habit can be hard to change. But with all the benefits customer portal can bring to your business, including a better experience for renters and increased productivity among your employees, taking steps to encourage adoption is worth the effort. This infographic shows you tips to get your customers hooked on using customer portal.  

Self Service Customer Portal for Rental Businesses

InTempo offers online customer portals with its Core and Enterprise rental software solutions. The portals offer renters online access to their accounts and make it easy to to business with you. Renters can access and print a range of rental, sales and account information in a pinch.  The rental busienss has control over the portal and which customers can create accounts. To learn more about the functionality that comes with customer portal, send us an email.

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