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Meet the people behind InTempo Software. We have decades of experience serving rental businesses like yours.

Matt Hopp General Manager

With more than twenty years of experience in the information technology industry, Matt Hopp is the General Manager of InTempo Software. Most recently, Matt served as the Director of Customer Care at Wynne Systems. Matt joined Wynne Systems in 2005 after ten years as a partner in a consulting firm specializing in IT consulting projects. Matt earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management from Purdue University in 1993, a Masters of Business Administration from Butler University in 1996, and a Juris Doctorate from Indiana University School of Law in 2003.

Jeff Loomis Director of Business Development

As Director of Business Development for InTempo, Jeff Loomis has a vast knowledge of the equipment rental industry. Jeff has over twenty-five years of experience in areas spanning from operations to accounting, and is well versed in managing all aspects of a rental business. In his fifteen years at Wynne Systems, Jeff served as an implementation leader, a Manager of Customer Service and, most recently, a Senior Sales Executive. Jeff has key knowledge in software implementations, data integration and software and hardware upgrades. He looks forward to working with new and existing customers and building long lasting relationships.

John Daniels Director of Development

With more than twenty years of experience in the information technology industry, John Daniels is the Director of Development of InTempo Software. Most recently, John served as a Project Manager at Wynne Systems. John joined Wynne Systems in 2005 after ten years as a partner in a consulting firm specializing in IT consulting projects. A graduate of Indiana State University, John has worked across many different industries from pharma to heavy equipment rental with focus on process improvement.

Jack Shea Business Development

In 1982, Jack founded Solutions by Computer, developer of Enfinity® and CounterPro® rental management software,  to serve the business management needs of rental, sales and service operations. His vision was of a company whose products and services were directed solely to the needs of rental operations. Jack has been involved in the rental industry for decades, most notably as senior vice president of Taylor Rental Corporation in the 1970s. Jack has been honored personally with the American Rental Association’s prestigious Special Service Award.  A Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Jack serves as a Business Development executive at InTempo. 

Kate Miller Marketing Manager

Kate brings a wide range of experiences to her role as Marketing Manager at InTempo. Most recently, she served as a Marketing Consultant at MassMutual. Prior to that, she worked in digital marketing at a technology/health startup in Boston, MA. Kate has a Bachelor of Arts from Kenyon College and a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University. She is passionate about connecting prospects and customers to the information and people they need to grow their businesses and solve problems.  

Tim Johnson Director of Customer Care

Tim joined Solutions by Computer in 1985 after managing a rental operation for nine years under both manual and computerized systems. This background gives him a special understanding of the concerns a rental owner faces every day. Tim supervised the training and support of more than 200 rental businesses before joining corporate management at Solutions in 1989. At InTempo, Tim oversees the quality of customer service across the organization.

Kaj Huusfeldt Implementation Leader

Starting as a Yard Technician and advancing through positions as Operations Manager and Branch Manager to Area Manager, Kaj Huusfeldt has more than twenty-five years of experience in the rental industry. Kaj joined Wynne Systems in 2003 after serving as the Support Desk Manager for one of its largest customers.  He spent twelve years at Wynne implementing software in the United States, Canada, Europe and South America, and is now Implementation Leader at InTempo. 

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