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Multiple Rental Software Solutions

Support the Way You Rent

Whatever type of equipment you rent, and however you rent - whether internally within your organization or externally - InTempo's software is flexible enough to meet your needs. Get a perfect fit with a customized solution.

Multiple Rental Software Solutions

Conquer Business Operations

InTempo Core’s flexible transaction processing system handles any mix of rental, sales, and service transactions. Search for inventory and create quotes, reservations and work orders in an instant. 

Streamline Customer Transactions. Customize rental contracts for each customer

Streamline Transactions

Customize rental contracts for each customer. Use automated safety and warning messages to inform renters of critical information. Make doing business simpler with integrated credit card processing, customer portal, special rates and more. Save time with contract cloning. 

Manage Rental Equipment & Inventory with Precision

Manage Inventory with Precision 

Easily track equipment in real-time across a single or multiple locations. Features include kits, inventory costing and valuation, automated work orders and maintenance, and barcoding/ RFID. Group items into kits with ease.

Your Software, Your Way

Choose from cloud, hosted or on premise delivery methods. InTempo does not sell "lite" versions, so you'll get the same functionality with each option. 

Tie Directly to Your Accounting System

Tie Directly to Your Accounting System

Manage accounts receivable and integrate seamlessly with a variety of accounting packages including QuickBooks.

Maximize Profit on Every Transaction

Maximize Profit on Every Transaction

Use contract cloning as a sales tool by setting a reminder to create a new contract at a future date. Automatically prompt counter employees to suggest related rental and resale items, as well as alternate items.

With decades of industry experience and hours that match yours, you can rely on InTempo's phenomenal Customer Support team.

Get Backed by Customer Support

With decades of industry experience and hours that match yours, you can rely on InTempo's phenomenal Customer Support team. Surveyed customers report a 96% satisfaction score. 

Look Inside InTempo Core: eSign

Capture customer signatures from virutally anywhere

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Esign for Core

Look Inside InTempo Core: Mobile Workforce Management

Optimize routes. Monitor driver behavior. Communicate accurate delivery and pickup times to customers.

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Dispatch Management for Core

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