Three Ways GPS Tracking Helps Rental Businesses Increase Efficiencies and Reduce Headaches

With so much to juggle, and so many variables to deal with day in and day out, it can be hard for rental businesses to keep up. Because let’s face it: between managing workers, scheduling equipment pickups and drop-offs, maintaining a fleet, and meeting customer demands, running a rental operation can be a real…

Employee Spotlight Part Two: From the Rental Counter to InTempo

In a previous blog post, we put the spotlight on two InTempo employees who have worked in rental stores. With years of experience not only in software but also behind the counter and in the field, these employees bring a unique perspective to our customers. In this post, we’ll talk to two other InTempo employees with…

Why Data Backup for Equipment Rental Businesses?

Imagine this: You’ve spent years, possibly decades, building your rental business. You’ve worked hard, day in and day out, to create a solid customer base.  Thanks to your rental software, you know exactly where your inventory is, who owes you money, and who not to rent to.  Sound familiar?

Now, imagine if that…

Easy SEO Part Three: Content is King

In the first of the Easy SEO series, we looked at getting your business listed in directories. In the second part, we looked at the importance of links both within and pointing to your website. And now as the final installment of this three part series, we’ll talk about the big kahuna: content. Like all the other posts…

Easy SEO Tips Part 2: Link Building

In last week’s blog post, I explored why SEO is important for virtually every rental business, and how  even the least tech-savvy among us can make real improvements by creating directory listings on sites including Google Places, Facebook and Yelp.

Let’s pause there for a moment, because the previous paragraph…

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