A New Year’s Message from GM Matt Hopp

Matt Hopp, InTempo Software

To Our Customers:

Happy New Year! I hope that you are able to enjoy a safe and relaxing holiday with your loved ones. 

I want to take this opportunity to send a sincere "thank you."

2015 has been filled with incredible growth and evolution, and I have never been so excited about the future. We will continue to push…

Why I Encourage Our Customers to Take Cycle Counts

Written by Jeff Loomis, Director of Business Development at InTempo  |  jeff.loomis@intemposoftware.com

Cycle Counts to Validate the Accuracy of Your Inventory

Do you ever wonder how big box stores keep inventory? Well, let’s start with the wrong answer: Once a year, they shut down for a week and hire 1,000 temporary workers to count everything in the store at one time.…

What to Expect Early in the Rental Software Sales Process

So you’re thinking about purchasing rental software. Perhaps you’ve been Googling around, looking at various options. Maybe you attended a tradeshow and saw a great demo, or someone you know has recommended a specific company. So you make a phone call or go onto a website and request more information. Now what?

What to Expect Early in the Rental Software Sales Process

Why Use Annotations in Rental Software?

One underused, but powerful, feature available in some rental software solutions is annotations. Annotations are user-defined areas that can be associated with inventory, customers, contacts and other elements of a transaction. You can use annotations to collect or display specific information regarding certain types of…

Six Questions You Must Ask Before Buying Rental Software

If you’re considering purchasing rental software, it’s crucial to have a clear vision of your business’s needs in order to choose the right package. But this isn’t quite as simple as it may sound. If you buy rental software that falls short of your business needs, you can end up making a costly mistake that…

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