10 Best Websites for Rental Businesses

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite rental-related websites and blogs from all across the Internet. 

1. Best Way to Start the Week: ARA’s Rental Pulse Newsletter

Stay on top of the big stories each week. Subscribe to the e-newsletter Rental Pulse to receive a wide range of content delivered to your inbox every…

Seven Steps to Buying Equipment Rental Software

So you’ve decided to purchase equipment rental software. Now you need to make the right selection. Here’s a process you can follow to identify the solution that is the best fit for your company.

Step 1: Step back and write down your goals.

What are you looking to achieve?

Hard metrics may include:

  • Boost…

Why A Rental ERP System May Be Right for You

Many rental operators believe ERP rental software is “out of their league.” Whether a single or multi-location business, they don’t think they need the functionality or the expense. Some rental operators also resist change when purchasing rental management software. A prime example of this is back office…

Visiting with Hernan del Aguila of Partner Rentals

InTempo’s Marketing Manager, Kate Miller, sat down with Hernan del Aguila, owner of Partner Rentals. Partner Rentals opened its first location this May in Kingston, NY and runs on InTempo’s Enterprise rental software.

KM: How did you get your start in the rental industry?

HA: My parents owned an independent rental…

How to Encourage Renters to Use Self-Service Customer Portal [Infographic]

As modern consumers, we all expect to be able to access the information we want, the instant we want it. Study after study show that people want (and sometimes prefer) an online self-service approach to get information and answers from the companies they do business with. The rental industry is no exception, as the…

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